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Lilly’s departure into Spirit 1/2/2015


The past year for me is behind me, in the past. I welcome in 2016 and all that comes with it! Yes I said it. The good, the bad and all the changes that come with it, for me and for my highest good.
 No sooner did I say this on New Year’s Day when I myself was hit with tragedy. I came home from a New Year’s Day walk at the lake to find my old dog Lilly face down on the floor with her legs spread out to her sides. She was unable to get any traction on the hardwood floor with her weakened back legs. My heart sank… She turned her head to see if it was me coming in the door. I almost felt that she was saying Thank God you’re home to rescue me. The look in her eyes was disappointment, embarrassment and pain. I quickly ran to her and assisted her gently lifting her up off the floor. Thinking to myself and saying out loud “Oh God I prayed for her to show me a sign when she was ready to leave but I didn’t have any idea it would be like this. This is not the way I wanted her to go.” Again we have NO control. I simply held and hugged her telling her it was all ok. Sending her Love. This seemed to calm her down a little, however she was no longer able to stand up on her own. Her legs had been giving out a great deal lately and today I knew was the beginning of the end. Her mind still said let’s go but her legs said hell no!


A few seconds after trying to get her to stand on her own with no luck I called Quakertown Veterinary hospital since it was New Year’s Day and no one else was open. They were open Thank God. The woman on the phone was extremely kind and told me to come right over. She said they would do whatever my dog Lilly needed. Human Angels I tell you, that is what those who work with our beloved pets shall be called from here on out in my opinion. I called my brother Mike to assist me simply because he is awesome! He is one of the kindest souls I know. Mike, I’m so grateful for you in my life. I want you to know that! From the bottom of my heart.❤️ He is a human Angel as well. Although he probably doesn’t see it that way, I sure do.

Off we went to the vet, with Lilly in tow. Once we arrived we were able to spend some time with her in a private room before she took her last breath in this world and transitioned over into the Heaven-world. Here’s an interesting tidbit.. We had to wait quite awhile for the veterinarian who was on her rounds. We were told she was busy dealing with a little chihuahua who was having seizures. We waited patiently and then after some time I began to wonder what was taking so long? We had been there over 25 minuets. Lilly seemed anxious. Was she feeding off of my energetic responses? Probably. I didn’t want her getting upset. It was bad enough I felt that she already knew why we were here. Animals have that sixth sense thing. It’s an ability and a gift that some of us have as well, to a degree. Only their senses are even stronger than ours. The sense of knowing in dogs is uncanny. With them I believe they can smell death just as they can smell fear. I wondered to myself again what’s taking so long? I had to let go.. CONTROL issues haha! We all have them.

Within a few minutes a gentle knock fell on the door. slowly the door opened and in walked the vet. tech and behind her was the Dr. with the Euthanasia drug in her hand. They entered the room with a soft sense of kindness for us that I’m sure one never fully gets used to. Their eyes and heads tipped downward in empathy. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves. I thought to myself… They are The Angels of death. I say this in a beautiful heartfelt way. I look at what they do as equating them to being almost Angelic. I believe that the Angels of Death actually work with these souls to bring peace and comfort to those in need. To me you have to be a strong person to be able to administer not only love and compassion for the animal but offering the family support as well. This quality in a person is priceless. The strength to know that what you are doing is giving the dog and the family a gift. The beautiful gift of taking away the animal’s pain and suffering. Honestly I don’t think I could do this job. It’s a very tall order, not for the faint of heart. We all sat down on the floor with Lilly. Petting and talking to her. Comforting her soul. I prayed over her. I said the Lord’s prayer silently in my thoughts. I don’t think I ever realized how powerful it is to pray over someone or to have someone pray over you until you have the experience yourself. Just last week I went for a healing session and the woman who ran the session prayed over me for my highest good and all the healing I needed. It was incredible the feelings I experienced. 
The first needle was administered to Lilly. She peacefully relaxed. Gently resting her head down on the comforter she was lying on. This also quieted her excessive panting which I believe was coming from the pain she was feeling in her heart from the complications of her fall earlier in the day. Also it could have been from her nerves. She was scared. I offered Reiki healing to her and she accepted it without hesitation. Normally she tended to pull away when it wasn’t something she wanted. I believe this also assisted her in relaxing as that is one way Reiki energy is to be used. She quieted peacefully. The Dr. asked me if I was ready for her to administer the euthanasia drug? I asked her to wait a moment. I wanted to be sure Lilly was ready. I also still needed a moment myself. I told Lilly how much I loved her and that it was ok. That she needed to go and be with Apache’ my other dog who I had to put down back in Aug on the 16th. In that brief moment I could actually feel Apache’ step forward to meet and greet her. My guide in Spirit was there as well but I didn’t fully feel his presence until Lilly actually crossed over. I gave the ok to the vet to do what needed to be done. Are you ever actually ready? I don’t think so. However I was as ready as I could be to see her be free of pain. To be free of this earthy body that was holding her down. 
The Dr. administer the drug and within seconds she slipped away. As fast as her soul slipped out from her earthly body I could instantly feel her presence in another form nevertheless. She was transformed into Spirit energy which is what she had always been. Only now she was the true pure essence of unconditional love. I believe that this is the reason that dog spelled backwards is God. They are pure unconditional love even when they are in their earthy bodies. Unlike us who have to return back to Spirit to become unconditional Love in it’s truest form or essence. Vibrating at an extremely fast rate of speed. What I sensed of her energy was that she was happy. This aided me in not feeling too much sadness for her. I knew I would miss her, but I was not sad for her passing. Her quality of life was no longer there. I was actually relived that she was at peace. In my eyes she was once again a joyful energetic frequency that could be anywhere and everywhere. Her energy was subtle yet intense. I understand that this may be unimaginable to some. Let me try to explain. Once we cross over or transition into the realms of Spirit we can be everywhere and anywhere. It’s all a matter of thought. Spirit can move at the speed of thought. Being energy we can be whisked around anywhere our consciousness takes us. Thinking of a soul can also bring them near to us. I have come to understand that is why Apache’, my other dog appeared in my conscious awareness. My thoughts were of him being there to assist Lilly during her transitioning to the other side, the Heaven-world. We are never alone when we cross over. There is always someone or something, namely a pet or a person waiting to greet us in celebration of our being birthed into our new-born life. There is Life after death. 
I’d like to share this with you. There’s a restaurant down in Key West, Florida called My Blue Heaven. An awesome place by the way if you are ever there. Their slogan is “You don’t have to die to get there!” I thought this was brilliant! It is so true. Heaven is all around us just as Spirit is all around us. Just because you cannot see or feel it does not mean that it doesn’t exist. We use cell phones, TV’s, radios, all kinds of energetic electrical devices that run on energy frequencies. We don’t see these frequencies however they are there. The same goes for Spirit energy. They are but a thought away.
I will leave you all with an interesting bit of knowledge I acquired from the realms of Spirit about a month ago. In a previous Blog post I told about how my one friend who is one of my guides in Spirit came through the veil in the wee hours of the morning. This is what I call the tween-time. Just before waking. I was awake, but not fully. I was in a semi-conscious dream state, however this was definitely not a dream! This was a visitation. Spirits will come through in this way when there’s something of importance to relay to us. Here is a paragraph from one of my previous Blog posts: 
I was actually sleeping but it was just upon waking that he made his presence known to me. As I lay in my bed I could see I was in my living room. Talk about being a bit confused! I was in two separate places at once. I was astral projecting … This was so cool! I looked back into my bedroom and saw my body lying there in my bed, however I was physically in my living room. I could see and feel myself standing there on my wooden floor.  I also saw my spirit friend sitting on my couch. I said a thought to him via ESP(extra sensory perception). I literally thought a thought directed to him. He answered me via a thought as well. I asked him why he was here? He gave me the thought that he was here for “someone and something.” He wore a black jeff cap on his head. To me his black hat symbolized a passing that I knew would occur in a short amount of time. He has always appeared to me when one of my pets was going to be transitioning over to the Spirit-world. I believe this was to gift me added time with them. To find closure. With that the visitation ended and we crossed THROUGH one another in separate dimension. That was WILD!!! I realize this may be difficult to understand, but try… It was like his energy walked right through mine. The best way I can describe it is to have you think back to the scene in the movie “Ghost.” When the irate spirit guy in the subway walks through Patrick Swayze and takes his breath away for a split second. That’s what it felt like. It was insane! I felt his energy go through my being and just like that he was gone. I was back in my bed and I wondered how I returned there so quickly. Just then I knew what had occurred. I have received a premonition from my Spirit friend. He doesn’t usually show up like this in the physical realm for me, but he did that day. For I understand this takes an intense amount of energy from what spirit tells me. I usually only hear him in my thoughts, but every now and then he appears to me. With Love from Above ❤️
My friend who was sick with cancer, the woman my guide spoke to me of. She had crossed over a few days before Halloween. Just after he visited to me in my living room. My dog, Lilly gave me the sign that it was time to go about a month later just like he told me… “He was here for someone and something.” I feel he is a gatekeeper. He is like the Spirit welcome wagon. If you knew him you could definitely understand this. Always the life of the party. He liked being where the action was. Now I believe he escorts the souls through the veil to the Heaven-world. Celebrating them and their arrival the entire way. By the way all dogs as well as people go to Heaven. There is no doubt in my mind about this. No one is ever stuck, trapped or held anywhere against their free will. No one! God loves all of us. He forgives everyone no matter your belief system. No matter what they’ve done. This is one thing I stand firm on. If we ask for forgiveness it is so and so it is.
One last thing…
I thought back to when my little 23 year old cat “Izzy” transitioned a few years ago. My friend and guide in Spirit warned me of her passing. Three years prior actually is when he told me of this. Only over there time and space are not the same as here.    My cat transitioned at exactly 1:44pm on a Fri. My dog Apache’, I had an extra year to say my goodbye’s to him. He was 14 or so. He passed on a Mon. at 4:44pm, and now finally my Lilly.  She was 15. For a french mastiff that is really old. Must be all the Reiki they received over the years. She gently transitioned on New Year’s Day which was a Fri. at exactly 6:44pm. Anyone who knows me understands that “44” is my number. Not only is it part of the way that Spirit first caught my attention. Alerting me to know that other realms do exist. That I wasn’t nuts to have felt things all my life I could not explain. Spirit has shared that for me the number “44” means: 
To heal thyself first and in turn help others to heal. I also have come to understand that this auspicious number is a sign that Spirit is present in my life always. That all is well just as it is, and that my prayers are being heard. Carried up to God by the Angels. For all of this and so much more I am eternally grateful.
*Since Lilly’s passing I have been hearing the beautiful song from Patti LaBelle, “On my Own”. Spirit has been whispering  it into my thoughts. I recently took the time to finally look it up. I found that the lyrics somewhat related to my life in a way. But these last few lines hit me the most.
Here, I’ll share:
This wasn’t how it was supposed to end
I wish that we could do it all again
I never dreamed I’d spend one night alone
On my own, I’ve got to find where I belong again
I’ve got to learn how to be strong again
I never dreamed I’d spend one night alone
By myself, by myself
I’ve got to find out what was mine again
My heart is saying that it’s my time again
And I have faith that I will shine again
I have faith in me
On my own…
So beautiful don’t you think? Thank you Spirit I “hear” you. Even though I am on my own I am going to be just fine. This I know for sure. I never feel alone or lonely knowing that you are all just a thought away and I hold you all deep in my heart.❤️
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