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What to expect…

♥ A Little FYI about Mediumship- This is where your Loved ones are able to communicate their presence to the medium through symbolic thoughts, feelings and messages. Lisa is able to relay what she  receives from the Spirit. She can only tell you what the Spirit tells her. “You may feel as if your Loved ones are gone, please know that they are not. No one ever dies. The soul simply transforms! We are all energy that can be created, never destroyed. Love is the strongest bond that there is.” Love never dies. ♥ Receiving validation from a medium should be a wonderful experience. Creating healing and LOVE from Above.

 ♥ Transformational teaching–  Lisa helps people promote positive changes by teaching them HOW to empower their lives with Love from Above. Gaining valuable life lessons. She strongly believes that we are all each others teachers.

“Everyone that enters your life has a valueable lesson to teach you, whether they enter for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Invite them in, they have much to share with you.”

 Lisa’s suggestion for a positive reading… “Come to your appointment as open as possible & just relax. All Readings and healing sessions are interactive and experiential. The more open minded you are the better your session. There is nothing scary or dark associated with my readings. All readings are only offered for your highest and best possible good. Setting a positive intention to connect with your Loved ones in Spirit is most certainly recommended, although not necessary. It is through the high vibrational frequency which Spirit emits that makes it possible for them to be able to connect with us. We must raise our vibration (ex. by setting positive thoughts) and they must slow theirs down a little as to be able to meet somewhere in the middle. It’s similar to what I call the ‘tween-time. The time in between sleeping and waking when the veil thins and your Loved ones can speak directly to you. (Like hearing your name being called or a thought that hits you like a bolt of lightning out of the blue.) It’s a bit like that when I conduct a reading. A foot in each world so to speak. The Earth-world and the Heaven-world. They really do walk among us, by our side. LOVE never dies. Just some soul food for thought!”♥ If you have previously been to the salon, “A Snip in Thyme”, where I currently work as a stylist for your hair appointment, you may have experienced that at certain times a spiritual phenomena occurs. The veil some times lifts or thins… When the time is just right… Spirit decides to stop in for a visit…

This can be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t want a hello from Heaven?

Many of my clients have heard me say this numerous times. When conducting a mediumship session it is a beautiful healing experience for not only the client, but myself and the loved ones who are spirit-side. “The way I see it, I can always pull Spirit in for you, but to me it’s like pulling teeth, and I am not a dentist… haha!”

When your loved ones decide on their own accord to step forward through the veil and present themselves,  it’s usually to give a profound message of some sort. This is where the beauty comes in. To me this is one of those intensely magical moments. I believe that spirit will always give you what you need at just the right time. The secret is to be OPEN to all that you receive.  “It may not be what you want, but it’s usually always what you need.” Keep in mind also that the information that comes through during a reading may not make perfect sense at the time of your reading, however 9 times out of 10 it will later on, if it’s meant to. I say “Take what you can and leave the rest.”

I find that at times people are extremely set on who they want to come through. So much so that when this happens I find it tends to block the other souls who would like to come through, especially the ones who are more on the quiet side, as maybe they would have been in life. Just be open and have fun. Your loved ones are as excited to talk to you as you are to hear from them.

♥ As always I look forward to connecting with you and your loved ones in Spirit.

“I have heard that once you find a job you Love , you’ll never work another day in your life… Everyone has their own journey in life, I have found mine and it has made all the difference! ♥ “