❤️Pray often

In letting go all things are possible. Imagine that?…
Yesterday was one of  those times. Spirit is continually present in my life. Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive, and your joy will be complete” – John 16:24.

After speaking to my sister about how we as people seem to try much to hard to get things to come together. She agreed. We have a need to feel as if we are in control. Ultimately we never are. It’s all an illusion. There’s a small card in my car as a reminder that says Give love expecting nothing in return. I decided to accomplish this more frequently than I have done in the past, to see what would come about. Inspired by the results I share what I’m continuing to learn. Often times I turn to prayer when I’m not sure what to do or which way to go… Getting out of our own way really seems to allow things to flow to us effortlessly when they are meant to be.

Prayer was an essential part of life growing up in the Catholic faith. It’s what I’ve been taught. Although it felt more out of memorization and obligation to me rather than as a connection to something bigger than myself. It wasn’t until I realized later in life that prayer does a body good, it’s also wonderful spiritual tool for the soul, but that’s another blog post altogether. For now let me explain.

Upon waking the channeling began. This has become my daily practice. Serving my need to discover peace within my busy life. Messages written on what were once blank pages have now taken on a life all their own. Spirit’s energy blending seamlessly with mine. My pen reflects what my thoughts perceive and all is conveyed effortlessly. Writing is yet another one of my passions. I am a multifaceted being, what can I say. Actually we all are on different levels. The sky’s the limit. We are limitless beings, now imagine that…

Unbridled joy… Never knew this was previously possible. Did you? Spirit also shared that we can pray for everything, no matter what. If it’s in or for our highest good it will come to fruition. I believe that if it’s not it could actually be that something better is waiting patiently in the wings, possibly for Divine timing. “Have patience” they say… Although this is not my favorite lesson, I like to say #Trust, #Believe & #Recveive. I was also told we as a people need to give up the need to be right. To have this need to control everything. This is the small mind at work. In essence, the ego mind. We CAN simply exist. “Just BE” they say. Freedom of the mind comes when there’s the absence of thought. Another familiar saying comes to mind…  “We do without doing and yet everything get’s done.” Take nature for example. Trees grow and shed their leaves exactly when they are supposed to. Never holding on, simply shedding what no longer serves. Butterflies migrate south on the winds of change when the cooler weather sets in. Miraculous mini wonders in their own right. Water in a stream flows effortlessly around rocks that have sat in creek beds for centuries. The water does not force the stones to move it merely flows on by taking the path of least resistance. Carving and polishing these smooth stones into what we know as river rocks. Honestly how are we to handle life if we are irritated by every rub? We are meant to shine! Allow yourself to be polished. Life is meant to be easy, breezy and fun in my opinion. I don’t know about you, but I would like effortless Joy, Happiness and Peace on Earth. We are here to learn about love and yet  if you look around in our world there seems to be such a lack of it. I challenge you to find more ways to Love. Not only others, but also yourself. Self love is probably the most important love there is. How do you give from an empty cup? By the way, you are a beautiful soul in case no one’s told you lately. Let’s all meet down at the gratitude cafe where you can pour yourself a giant cup of Love with endless refills. #MoreLovePlease. Take a sip and pass it on❤️

Here’s another thing Spirit shared: If something doesn’t resonate with your belief system, simply keep quiet, end of story. Do not push your beliefs on another. Feeding that fire is like trying to burn down your own house with you in it, not such a good idea in my opion 😉  A lesson I’m sure we all could learn. In the end you may win your arguement however, wouldn’t you rather be happy than be right? Your happiness… Your unbridled Joy, as Spirit called it is vital for your wellbeing. This is where your own personal power begins.

Holding on to negativity in any form only contaminates your energetic vibratory field, your bioluminescence. Spirit is explaining this to me as I write. *Even though we are not marine organisms, our bodies are made up of over 70% water.  We all have the ability to radiate this beautiful brilliance from deep within the soul. We are all Love❤️Lights at our core. What happens to one happens to all. “If you could only see your souls as we do then you would know how truly magnificent you are.”

Pray to be shown your next right step. It doesn’t matter what your religion is or your faith for that matter. Jesus loves everyone, or so I’ve been told. “I’m especially fond  of you…” This reminds me of my favorite  line from the movie  “The Shack”, where Papa otherwise known as God says this to the main character named Mack. It’s a great line. Can you imagine God saying this to you? “I’m especially fond of you (insert your name here!)” 

Throughout your life you do not need to have all the answers. The scariest part of moving forward is your next right step. Please know that there are no wrong steps, only the ability not to step at all. Life is all about constant change, or impermanence. Nothing ever stays the same. Not being able to see the staircase before you is called #BlindFaith. Trusting that all will work out is the name of this game. In doing so, what I thought was only possible by “doing” became possible by merely BE-ing. I was shown that “I get by with a little help from  my friends.”(The one’s that reside in the spirit-world.) I find this happens just about everyday if you are aware of it.  The card in the photo above was sitting in the door jam of my driver side door the other day. A definite #MessageFromAboveWithLove❤️
Imagine that…
Infinite possibilities…



*Bioluminescence | Smithsonian Ocean Portal

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