Open hearts Open minds♥️

The MYSTICal ButterFLY


With brave wings she flies

Today’s #MessageFromAboveWithLove is a special one. Channeled from my guides to share with you💕

It’s called:
Open hearts Open minds✨💗✨

Free yourself…

Take flight…

Allow yourself to be carried along by the gentle breezes of this day.

The truths that make up your life are created out of the universal flow you’re in. Lifting you to a state of grace effortlessly & easily if that’s where you choose to go.

Up, up and away from all that no longer serves your highest & best good. Look at that… High above the Earth, now your soaring.

How does it feel? Things look very different from this perspective don’t they?

Floating weightlessly you maneuver yourself around and through the fluffy, thick white clouds. You know you could choose to rest on one if you wish. Take it all in awhile.

Time here is not like time there. You’re between worlds now…

Who would you like to visit with from the Realms of Spirit? Know that whoever just popped into your thoughts is with you now. Loving and lifting you further into your heart. After all, in your heart is where all the magic happens💖

See that? Now you’re flying high! Keep on going.. You have no idea what’s coming your way today.

Continue to F.L.Y! With open arms as your wings unfurl around yourself. Don’t worry Dear humans. We’ve got you! Take this time to fill yourself up.

You cannot fall and you cannot fail. You’re free to BE as happy, as healthy & as brilliantly lit from within as ever♥️

Be not afraid of who you are. It’s your greatness that inspires others to flutter gracefully along their own beautiful path.

We have spoken.
-The BEings of The White Light

Abundant Blessings🙏🏻💖✨