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❤ Happiness is liking what you do.

“There are people who live in a dream world, and there are people who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other”                                                                                                   Douglas H. Everett

❤ Find your passion and pursue it.

The use of the word time may also used and spelled as thyme throughout this website as a play on words. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of spirit!

I invite you to take your time and browse through this site to learn the many gifts that spirit has to offer each and every one of us. From those who are already open, to those who are just awakening on their spiritual path. Spirit is waiting to assist you on your journey. Welcome 
The Multifaceted Medium

“Speaking to Spirit”
Above photo was taken on The West Fork Trail. Sedona, Az.  2011

♥  New Location

♥ TRANSFORMATIVE HEALING sessions and readings are now available Monday thru Friday and certain Saturdays by appointment via phone, or through Zoom.
Call to schedule your session. 215-813-4413

 ♥ What is Transformative Healing?

To trans-form is to change. To make a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance or character.  Everything as we know it changes forms eventually throughout our lives. That is the one constant, everything changes. To be able to accept change is what assists us on our path towards healing. Especially when our loved ones transition into the realm of Spirit. Their souls are still ever present. Love never dies. It is their physical body or their vehicle that transforms. They step from this dimension into the next, effortlessly. They are greeted by loved ones upon their arrival, healed and transformed. *Transformative Healing is a broad spectrum terminology used for the many healing modalities Lisa is now offering in her Ottsville, Pa. office.

 ♥ What is Angel Thyme Reiki?

Reiki is pronounced “Rei” (Universal Life Force) and “Ki” (Energy)                                                           Reiki is a subtle re-balancing of the body’s natural life force energy. Facilitated using a gentle laying on of hands technique. (Whether the practitioners hands are placed directly on the body or slightly above does not matter. Energy flows where intention goes.)

By relaxing the mind and the soul, the body begins to do what it does naturally. It begins to HEAL ITSELF from the inside out. Working with The Angelic Realm Lisa has learned how to become a clear channel through which The Angels, The Divine, The Ascended Masters, your Loved ones and her Spirit guides all come together as a power-filled team to assist in directing the placement of  her hands and the healing energies. She calls this modality Angel Thyme Reiki.

These peaceful but effective treatments are beneficial for anyone looking to simply relax, those with physical ailments, or anyone who is curious to see what various forms of Reiki Healing is all about. Lisa believes she is only the vessel through which the Divine’s powerful energy flows.

“We are never actually broken she says, however we can all use a gentle boost to assist our chakra systems to work more efficiently.”