Lisa’s Story

♥ Lisa’s Story

Lisa Potts has been in the beauty industry and surrounded by it all of her life.
As a second generation Hair Designer & an award winning Stylist she has co-owned two separate Hair Salons over the years. She sees beauty in all things. This is conveyed throughout her work as a Hair Designer and also as an Alternative Healing Practitioner,  Spiritual Evidential Medium, Transformative Teacher and a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA essential oils.

Ever since her childhood Lisa has always heard (clairaudience), felt (clairsentience) and had a sense of clear knowing (claircognizance) that the world of Spirit was intimately surrounding her, although at the time she didn’t realize completely the potential she had to connect with these beings of Love. Over the years Lisa has developed her ability to”see” clearly now (Clairvoyance) that these abilities/gifts are her God-given birthright.

In 2010, a life altering experience occurred between Lisa, a lottery ticket & a beautiful yellow butterfly. Long story short, she was re-awakened! The veil thinned and the bond was formed where Spirit stepped into her life for good.  Overnight Lisa’s seemingly “Normal” life had made a complete metamorphosis!

In 2011, after a healing journey out to Sedona, AZ. with her sister, Karen. Lisa began having visions not only of other people’s deceased loved ones in the spirit realms, but also visions of Jesus, Angels, Ascended Masters and what she calls The Beings of the White Light. Healings began to occur via messages in Lisa’s dreams, through Reiki healing services, and through heart-felt prayer. Growing up 16 years in Catholic school system she had decided to leave the church, as it did not offer her what she felt she needed. She claims now that she is simply a Spiritual person. To Lisa God is not in a building, He is everywhere. Some like the feeling of connection church brings them, that’s wonderful she says. However it’s not for everyone. We each know in our hearts what brings us peace and comfort. It is up to us to find it. Lisa does enjoy occasionally visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross out in Sedona, AZ. and The beautiful Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa which is practically in her back yard, in Doylestown, PA. Lisa believes that God loves us all beyond belief.  She connects with Him mostly when she is out in nature. He’s in the trees, in the animals, and in the people she meets as she smiles and sends Love to all who cross her path. We all are full of God’s grace. Walking she clears her thoughts and relaxes her mind. These walks are now known to her as “Prayer-walks.” Where she talks to God/The Universe/Loved ones on the other side of life. Many questions are answered and powerful inspiration and profound clarity comes to her in these quiet peace-filled moments.

“Try a prayer-walk she says, You’ll Love it!”

In 2013, Lisa officially stepped out from behind the beauty chair to Professionally become known as Lisa The Hairdresser-Medium®

Currently Lisa resides in Bucks County, Pa. You can usually find her creating beauty at the hair salon where she works called: A Snip in Thyme and connecting her clients with the Spirit world during the week at her office in the Professional Center at Life Storage both businesses located in Ottsville, PA. Lisa enjoys her new found freedom from selling the salon a few years ago. Now she travels as a jet setter going here, there and everywhere. Reading, writing and hiking are just some of her passions. She also enjoys drinking wine, practicing yoga and being in the company of her family and her fur children. Which consist of a fainting goat, two barn kitties and a shared dog who is her wonderful walking companion and protector. She also enjoys connecting with like minded people and teaching all about the world of Spirit.

Lisa says her greatest passion in this life is her God-given ability/gift of Mediumship. The connection that is made when Spirit comes through the veil
with a Message from Above with nothing but LOVE… ❤

“There’s no place else I’d rather be than with Spirit standing right beside me.”