How to deep clean your essential oil diffuser

Being of service and Helping others has always been my greatest passion and it’s definitely a true calling. Everything I’ve done in my life personally & professionally has led me up to this point. Wow! You really learn a lot about yourself when you dive deep and do the work it takes to get where you’re going.

Lately with essential oils on the rise you may feel you know a thing or two about this topic. That’s wonderful. I’m happy to hear how mainstream BEing Well has now become. It’s literally everywhere that everyone wants to be these days. There’s so much to learn I continue to hear from my clients and friends, especially if you are a beginner. I ‘m here to share with you that I can help you clarify the chaos. I’ve been working with essential oils for over 12 years now. Many of you may not have known this. However without going overboard I’d like to share this ☟ helpful video with you. Be sure to check it out! Oh and Subscribe to my new YouTube channel The Multifaceted Medium if you haven’t already. Thank you!

Perhaps you’re fairly new to essential oils, or perhaps you’re a veteran oiler at this point. Well either way watch this short video where I interviewed my Aunt Irene. She’ll supply us with a couple how to cool tips and tricks she found that you’ll probably want to implement into your own essential oil diffuser cleaning routine.

*Please do your research when it comes to quality within your products. Seriously educate yourself, because what is being sold at the CVS, Walmart, Amazon and even your local health food store is not necessarily the best quality. Please don’t be fooled. Imitation is everywhere, especially where wellness is involved. It’s a billion dollar a year business and you do have to take the time to learn for yourself or risk getting taken over. (My team and I offer wellness classes each month for those wanting to learn more.) Your skin is literally your biggest organ, choose wisely what you apply to it. We only get one body suit this time around and you want it to last 🙂

You don’t have a diffuser.. What? Wait a minute. Why on Earth not? They’re the best solution for helping to clean and clear the air quickly and efficiently. Getting rid of germs and bacteria effortlessly without harmful chemicals and harsh side effects. Especially now that it’s flu season. I run my diffuser every single day, multiple times too! On Guard oil is my wellness flu shot, in the air of course. I literally swear by it. One of the positive things with using natural solutions for wellness is that the main side effect is actually feeling better and I have to say that’s fine by me.

Since implementing these products into my wellness lifestyle I’ve been sick much less if at all, and if I do catch anything I’m quick to see it leave as well as not experiencing the harsh side effects that go along with using antibiotics. I’m into a more all natural approach these days ever since dealing with GI issues from being on antibiotics for over 20 + years. All healing starts from within. Using a diffuser will also help with being able to inhale your wellness within minutes. 20 to be exact, that’s how long it takes for an essential oil to get into your body & bloodstream via diffusing.

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