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Roses are red, violets are Blue.. Or in this case purple💜

Drying my freshly washed culinary delights

Roses are red, violets are blue 
The reason I share this is all because of you😘

As you may know I’m passionate about spreading the love of wellness, mind, body & Spirit for those of you who are ready to feel better. I usually find something that works for myself and I enjoy sharing it with the world. Needless to say…

if you follow Essential Drops of Love 4 You, my business page for all things wellness on facebbook you’ve probably witnessed my recent delicious lavender & violet inspired colorful Springtime Caesar salad. I love being creative and yes I still enjoy playing with my food. No I never listened to my parents as a kid either 😉

I also delight in sharing alternative ways to BE Well. Take a look at how harmoniously this color palette melds together effortlessly. Mother nature is amazing like that.
What’s good for us is filled with so much Love… It rocks!
Thank you God🙏🏼💖✨

My delightful dinner salad utilizing local, native healthy food as medicine.

Did you know violets are actually tiny healing plant medicinals?
From balancing a healthy gut flora within our delicate digestive systems, to boosting up our immune systems, violets will actually do your body good. These tiny bluish, purple, lilac and even whiteish hued petals of the traditional “blue” violet plant along with their lovely heart shaped leaves are wonderful foraged remedies for numerous ailments we deal with throughout our lives. One ailment in particular that violets are good for is helping the body to fight and rid itself of cancer. Violets cause apoptosis (cell death) within the cancer cells. I find this quite interesting as I’ve worked with dozens of cancer patients in my alternative Spiritual Healing practice over the past 10 years. Many of my clients have expressed a desire to try a more natural approach with their healing, however others decide upon a more traditional Western medicine route. In my opinion there is no right or wrong way. I believe there is only The Way, and that to me is whatever each unique individual feels is in his or her best interest. Perhaps this is just the flower power some people have been looking for? You won’t have to look any further than your own backyard.

So next time you think about tearing out that rogue clump of violets that popped up in your yard, have a little heart and instead choose to lovingly cultivate these precious tiny weeds, and craft yourself a medicinally soothing cup of violet tea. Savor mother nature’s Divine goodness. I read once that if you grow a particular plant for the purpose of harvesting it to eat, it will give you everything your body craves and needs to be well. Intention in the world of energy is everything. I know this to be 100% true as an evidential Psychic Medium. Set your intentions high and may they be carried up on Angels wings where they’ll reach the Big guy in the sky.

For anyone going through the dreaded gift of cancer, I send you Love, Light and God’s Divine Brilliance. Godspeed! May you Be Well for your highest and best good in Jesus’ name,
Amen 🙏🏼💖✨

Duke assisting me on the lookout for spring violets

I was at it again today…
Duke and I rounded up a whole bunch of lovely little purply-blue toned violets, along with a few puffy headed dandelion tops for later on this evening in my dinner salad. We plucked these little beauties from a few out of the way inconspicuous places where hopefully puppy dogs didn’t do their business, or any other critter for that matter either. 

Dandelion head

Needless to say these beautiful blossoms had a long drenching in an acv & H2o bath as well as a lengthy extra rinse just to be sure. I decided to open up some almond milk yogurt and I whipped in the essentials. 
Can you guess what else I may have added?? No sugar or spice but everything nice 🙂
Check out the photo below.
Bon appetite.

Violets, they’re good for your mind, body & Spirit as well as so much more. Go pick some today and see what colorful creation of a dish you can whip up💜

To your Health and Well-BEing💜
Lisa The Hairdresser-Medium®

Delicious lavender inspired violet delight💜

One thought on “HealTHY Self

  1. Lisa did a reiki session for me on my wedding day, 10 years ago! I was hoping for a miracle to get me through the day without crying and missing my late father, especially to walk me down the aisle. Having never received any energy work like reiki before, I was open to the opportunity that Lisa offered me. I am still extremely grateful for the healing energy given to me on that special day, allowing me to enjoy our time with loved ones and not be overwhelmed by grief and anxiety. I never cried at my wedding, which was exactly what I wanted. This was only possible because of Lisa’s amazing gift to me and focused energy to achieve a happy and mindful day. I am so grateful, thank you, Michelle G.

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