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❤️Pray often

In letting go all things are possible. Imagine that?…
Yesterday was one of  those times. Spirit is continually present in my life. Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive, and your joy will be complete” – John 16:24.

After speaking to my sister about how we as people seem to try much to hard to get things to come together. She agreed. We have a need to feel as if we are in control. Ultimately we never are. It’s all an illusion. There’s a small card in my car as a reminder that says Give love expecting nothing in return. I decided to accomplish this more frequently than I have done in the past, to see what would come about. Inspired by the results I share what I’m continuing to learn. Often times I turn to prayer when I’m not sure what to do or which way to go… Getting out of our own way really seems to allow things to flow to us effortlessly when they are meant to be.

Prayer was an essential part of life growing up in the Catholic faith. It’s what I’ve been taught. Although it felt more out of memorization and obligation to me rather than as a connection to something bigger than myself. It wasn’t until I realized later in life that prayer does a body good, it’s also wonderful spiritual tool for the soul, but that’s another blog post altogether. For now let me explain. Continue reading ❤️Pray often

❤️Clinging keeps you stuck

Clinging keeps you stuck.
Let go… Free yourself from all limitations❤️
We are never stuck yet we hold on to the way we think things should be. Why? Fear of change? Fear of being not good enough? Fear of being alone?  None of these things are true because as we know fear grows us. It’s how we evolve into the beautiful souls we are meant to become. WE ARE ALL GOOD ENOUGH! We simply have to keep trying, placing one foot in front of the other. Put on your blinders (like on a carriage horse) and don’t ever look back. Move forward and hold your head up high. It’s time to March onward and upward now… It’s the only way to get where you’re going. Let me also say that there are many detours and speed bumps along the way… This is life in all its glory… Take a deep breath, wipe away those tears that you may have shed. (BTW salt water tears are healing and you don’t need to go to the beach to experience this😉) Keep on keeping on… The Light inside of you will be your one true guide. Your Heart💖Light shines no matter what you do. Remember to shine and illuminate the path for everyone you meet everyday… Always be kind. Lastly please remember you may be lonely, this happens from time to time. However, YOU are never alone.  There are 100,000 Angels, Guides, Beings and your Spirited Loved ones by your side at all times. Makes for quite a crowded space if you think about it☺️👍😇✨👼🙏🎉💖✨
This has been #AMessageOfLoveFromAbove❤️
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©Lisa Potts
“Just Hanging Around”
This cute little guy greeted me with his song of wisdom as he stuck to my front door the other day. I Love the signs Mother Nature sends when we are open seeing them.
*Tree frog meaning: Transformation. Growing pains, struggling to find your place in the world. Fertility. The birth of Abundance. Luck. Healing. Renewal.

Signs of the Spirit ❤️



Infinite Healing Hearts with Love from Above ❤️

The day began like any other. Quickly escalating in my mind were a million thoughts…Welcome to my world. 

Duke, my half dog (I share him with my friend Jay) was due to have surgery to be neutered. It’s a pretty routine surgery these days. Besides, we felt it would calm his two year old hyper puppy self down a bit. Duke is a Australian shepherd/German shepherd cross. A working dog, always on the go. We are responsible pet owners. For all of us, Having our pets spayed and neutered is the right thing to do. There are numerous unwanted pets out there in the world being euthanized everyday in shelters due to irresponsible pet owners. We did not want to contribute to those numbers. So we booked the appointment for Duke.

Even knowing how routine this surgery was. Something in my being was deeply concerned. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was though. I pulled Angel cards. I prayed for guidance. I even took my pendulum out to seek higher knowledge from my guides to get a definite answer. (Pendulums are used for yes, no or maybe answers) I wanted to know without a doubt that we were doing the right thing having Duke neutered. Something wasn’t sitting right with me. I was stumped as to what it could be. The guidance in the cards was confusing to say the least. There were many mixed messages coming through. Definitely no clarity like I would’ve hoped. My pendulum yielded a big swirling “maybe.” To me that just was not good enough. I wanted I clear concise “yes” or “no.” Finally through prayer I was able to gain clarity to a greater extent. I would continue to be shown the ’44’s” over the course of the next few days. For those of you who follow me or know me personally you understand this. For those of you who are new to my blog let me explain. I see the #44 as a Divine sign whenever Spirit hears my prayers. This particular sign tells me that my prayer requests are taken to source whether you believe it to be God, the Universe or whichever. Seeing this particular number, 44 is to allow me to know that healing will occur for the person or animal’s highest good whatever that may be. I saw so many 44’s over the course of that day and the night before that I felt we were on the correct path to move forward fearlessly. However that nagging feeling would not leave me as to why I was not feeling positive about this surgery 100%. Continue reading Signs of the Spirit ❤️

Lilly’s departure into Spirit 1/2/2015


The past year for me is behind me, in the past. I welcome in 2016 and all that comes with it! Yes I said it. The good, the bad and all the changes that come with it, for me and for my highest good.
 No sooner did I say this on New Year’s Day when I myself was hit with tragedy. I came home from a New Year’s Day walk at the lake to find my old dog Lilly face down on the floor with her legs spread out to her sides. She was unable to get any traction on the hardwood floor with her weakened back legs. My heart sank… She turned her head to see if it was me coming in the door. I almost felt that she was saying Thank God you’re home to rescue me. The look in her eyes was disappointment, embarrassment and pain. I quickly ran to her and assisted her gently lifting her up off the floor. Thinking to myself and saying out loud “Oh God I prayed for her to show me a sign when she was ready to leave but I didn’t have any idea it would be like this. This is not the way I wanted her to go.” Again we have NO control. I simply held and hugged her telling her it was all ok. Sending her Love. This seemed to calm her down a little, however she was no longer able to stand up on her own. Her legs had been giving out a great deal lately and today I knew was the beginning of the end. Her mind still said let’s go but her legs said hell no!


A few seconds after trying to get her to stand on her own with no luck I called Quakertown Veterinary hospital since it was New Year’s Day and no one else was open. They were open Thank God. The woman on the phone was extremely kind and told me to come right over. She said they would do whatever my dog Lilly needed. Human Angels I tell you, that is what those who work with our beloved pets shall be called from here on out in my opinion. I called my brother Mike to assist me simply because he is awesome! He is one of the kindest souls I know. Mike, I’m so grateful for you in my life. I want you to know that! From the bottom of my heart.❤️ He is a human Angel as well. Although he probably doesn’t see it that way, I sure do.

Off we went to the vet, with Lilly in tow. Once we arrived we were able to spend some time with her in a private room before she took her last breath in this world and transitioned over into the Heaven-world. Here’s an interesting tidbit.. We had to wait quite awhile for the veterinarian who was on her rounds. We were told she was busy dealing with a little chihuahua who was having seizures. We waited patiently and then after some time I began to wonder what was taking so long? We had been there over 25 minuets. Lilly seemed anxious. Was she feeding off of my energetic responses? Probably. I didn’t want her getting upset. It was bad enough I felt that she already knew why we were here. Animals have that sixth sense thing. It’s an ability and a gift that some of us have as well, to a degree. Only their senses are even stronger than ours. The sense of knowing in dogs is uncanny. With them I believe they can smell death just as they can smell fear. I wondered to myself again what’s taking so long? I had to let go.. CONTROL issues haha! We all have them.

Within a few minutes a gentle knock fell on the door. slowly the door opened and in walked the vet. tech and behind her was the Dr. with the Euthanasia drug in her hand. They entered the room with a soft sense of kindness for us that I’m sure one never fully gets used to. Their eyes and heads tipped downward in empathy. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves. I thought to myself… They are The Angels of death. I say this in a beautiful heartfelt way. I look at what they do as equating them to being almost Angelic. I believe that the Angels of Death actually work with these souls to bring peace and comfort to those in need. To me you have to be a strong person to be able to administer not only love and compassion for the animal but offering the family support as well. This quality in a person is priceless. The strength to know that what you are doing is giving the dog and the family a gift. The beautiful gift of taking away the animal’s pain and suffering. Honestly I don’t think I could do this job. It’s a very tall order, not for the faint of heart. We all sat down on the floor with Lilly. Petting and talking to her. Comforting her soul. I prayed over her. I said the Lord’s prayer silently in my thoughts. I don’t think I ever realized how powerful it is to pray over someone or to have someone pray over you until you have the experience yourself. Just last week I went for a healing session and the woman who ran the session prayed over me for my highest good and all the healing I needed. It was incredible the feelings I experienced. 
The first needle was administered to Lilly. She peacefully relaxed. Gently resting her head down on the comforter she was lying on. This also quieted her excessive panting which I believe was coming from the pain she was feeling in her heart from the complications of her fall earlier in the day. Also it could have been from her nerves. She was scared. I offered Reiki healing to her and she accepted it without hesitation. Normally she tended to pull away when it wasn’t something she wanted. I believe this also assisted her in relaxing as that is one way Reiki energy is to be used. She quieted peacefully. The Dr. asked me if I was ready for her to administer the euthanasia drug? I asked her to wait a moment. I wanted to be sure Lilly was ready. I also still needed a moment myself. I told Lilly how much I loved her and that it was ok. That she needed to go and be with Apache’ my other dog who I had to put down back in Aug on the 16th. In that brief moment I could actually feel Apache’ step forward to meet and greet her. My guide in Spirit was there as well but I didn’t fully feel his presence until Lilly actually crossed over. I gave the ok to the vet to do what needed to be done. Are you ever actually ready? I don’t think so. However I was as ready as I could be to see her be free of pain. To be free of this earthy body that was holding her down. 
The Dr. administer the drug and within seconds she slipped away. As fast as her soul slipped out from her earthly body I could instantly feel her presence in another form nevertheless. She was transformed into Spirit energy which is what she had always been. Only now she was the true pure essence of unconditional love. I believe that this is the reason that dog spelled backwards is God. They are pure unconditional love even when they are in their earthy bodies. Unlike us who have to return back to Spirit to become unconditional Love in it’s truest form or essence. Vibrating at an extremely fast rate of speed. What I sensed of her energy was that she was happy. This aided me in not feeling too much sadness for her. I knew I would miss her, but I was not sad for her passing. Her quality of life was no longer there. I was actually relived that she was at peace. In my eyes she was once again a joyful energetic frequency that could be anywhere and everywhere. Her energy was subtle yet intense. I understand that this may be unimaginable to some. Let me try to explain. Once we cross over or transition into the realms of Spirit we can be everywhere and anywhere. It’s all a matter of thought. Spirit can move at the speed of thought. Being energy we can be whisked around anywhere our consciousness takes us. Thinking of a soul can also bring them near to us. I have come to understand that is why Apache’, my other dog appeared in my conscious awareness. My thoughts were of him being there to assist Lilly during her transitioning to the other side, the Heaven-world. We are never alone when we cross over. There is always someone or something, namely a pet or a person waiting to greet us in celebration of our being birthed into our new-born life. There is Life after death. 
I’d like to share this with you. There’s a restaurant down in Key West, Florida called My Blue Heaven. An awesome place by the way if you are ever there. Their slogan is “You don’t have to die to get there!” I thought this was brilliant! It is so true. Heaven is all around us just as Spirit is all around us. Just because you cannot see or feel it does not mean that it doesn’t exist. We use cell phones, TV’s, radios, all kinds of energetic electrical devices that run on energy frequencies. We don’t see these frequencies however they are there. The same goes for Spirit energy. They are but a thought away.
I will leave you all with an interesting bit of knowledge I acquired from the realms of Spirit about a month ago. In a previous Blog post I told about how my one friend who is one of my guides in Spirit came through the veil in the wee hours of the morning. This is what I call the tween-time. Just before waking. I was awake, but not fully. I was in a semi-conscious dream state, however this was definitely not a dream! This was a visitation. Spirits will come through in this way when there’s something of importance to relay to us. Here is a paragraph from one of my previous Blog posts: 
I was actually sleeping but it was just upon waking that he made his presence known to me. As I lay in my bed I could see I was in my living room. Talk about being a bit confused! I was in two separate places at once. I was astral projecting … This was so cool! I looked back into my bedroom and saw my body lying there in my bed, however I was physically in my living room. I could see and feel myself standing there on my wooden floor.  I also saw my spirit friend sitting on my couch. I said a thought to him via ESP(extra sensory perception). I literally thought a thought directed to him. He answered me via a thought as well. I asked him why he was here? He gave me the thought that he was here for “someone and something.” He wore a black jeff cap on his head. To me his black hat symbolized a passing that I knew would occur in a short amount of time. He has always appeared to me when one of my pets was going to be transitioning over to the Spirit-world. I believe this was to gift me added time with them. To find closure. With that the visitation ended and we crossed THROUGH one another in separate dimension. That was WILD!!! I realize this may be difficult to understand, but try… It was like his energy walked right through mine. The best way I can describe it is to have you think back to the scene in the movie “Ghost.” When the irate spirit guy in the subway walks through Patrick Swayze and takes his breath away for a split second. That’s what it felt like. It was insane! I felt his energy go through my being and just like that he was gone. I was back in my bed and I wondered how I returned there so quickly. Just then I knew what had occurred. I have received a premonition from my Spirit friend. He doesn’t usually show up like this in the physical realm for me, but he did that day. For I understand this takes an intense amount of energy from what spirit tells me. I usually only hear him in my thoughts, but every now and then he appears to me. With Love from Above ❤️
My friend who was sick with cancer, the woman my guide spoke to me of. She had crossed over a few days before Halloween. Just after he visited to me in my living room. My dog, Lilly gave me the sign that it was time to go about a month later just like he told me… “He was here for someone and something.” I feel he is a gatekeeper. He is like the Spirit welcome wagon. If you knew him you could definitely understand this. Always the life of the party. He liked being where the action was. Now I believe he escorts the souls through the veil to the Heaven-world. Celebrating them and their arrival the entire way. By the way all dogs as well as people go to Heaven. There is no doubt in my mind about this. No one is ever stuck, trapped or held anywhere against their free will. No one! God loves all of us. He forgives everyone no matter your belief system. No matter what they’ve done. This is one thing I stand firm on. If we ask for forgiveness it is so and so it is.
One last thing…
I thought back to when my little 23 year old cat “Izzy” transitioned a few years ago. My friend and guide in Spirit warned me of her passing. Three years prior actually is when he told me of this. Only over there time and space are not the same as here.    My cat transitioned at exactly 1:44pm on a Fri. My dog Apache’, I had an extra year to say my goodbye’s to him. He was 14 or so. He passed on a Mon. at 4:44pm, and now finally my Lilly.  She was 15. For a french mastiff that is really old. Must be all the Reiki they received over the years. She gently transitioned on New Year’s Day which was a Fri. at exactly 6:44pm. Anyone who knows me understands that “44” is my number. Not only is it part of the way that Spirit first caught my attention. Alerting me to know that other realms do exist. That I wasn’t nuts to have felt things all my life I could not explain. Spirit has shared that for me the number “44” means: 
To heal thyself first and in turn help others to heal. I also have come to understand that this auspicious number is a sign that Spirit is present in my life always. That all is well just as it is, and that my prayers are being heard. Carried up to God by the Angels. For all of this and so much more I am eternally grateful.
*Since Lilly’s passing I have been hearing the beautiful song from Patti LaBelle, “On my Own”. Spirit has been whispering  it into my thoughts. I recently took the time to finally look it up. I found that the lyrics somewhat related to my life in a way. But these last few lines hit me the most.
Here, I’ll share:
This wasn’t how it was supposed to end
I wish that we could do it all again
I never dreamed I’d spend one night alone
On my own, I’ve got to find where I belong again
I’ve got to learn how to be strong again
I never dreamed I’d spend one night alone
By myself, by myself
I’ve got to find out what was mine again
My heart is saying that it’s my time again
And I have faith that I will shine again
I have faith in me
On my own…
So beautiful don’t you think? Thank you Spirit I “hear” you. Even though I am on my own I am going to be just fine. This I know for sure. I never feel alone or lonely knowing that you are all just a thought away and I hold you all deep in my heart.❤️
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    Thank you!

Spirit and the Crystal Angel


This story is about a Holy WOW experience! On the last day of December, 2015 this Spirit story took place. Talk about going out with a Bang!?
As I arrived to work at the salon. I was met by my first client of the day out in the parking lot . I greeted her with a hug and a smile and together we walked into the salon. We’ll call this client Denise for all intents and purposes of this story.
I welcomed Denise back to my station. Wished her a Happy New Year’s Eve. I set her up for her hair color service. Before I went in the back room to mix up her color formula I asked her if she would like to pull an Angel card from the Angel pot on my crystal station. This is something I believe all my clients have come to enjoy. In picking their Angel card for the day it serves to give them clarity and guidance. She gladly obliged and she chose her first card. As she flipped this card over, we read it together. It read: “Intention.” As she looked at me perplexed. She asked me “what does that mean? I have never picked that one before.” I explained to her that the intention card means to me that she needs to set an intention in her life. Particularly since this day was the pinnacle to the beginning of the New Year. I said “what a wonderful day to pull that card.” I believe that spirit already knows what cards will be drawn even before they are chosen. Denise seemed to like my explanation. She reached in the pot once again for yet another Angel card to validate her previous card which was intention. Her next card was “Harmony”. Another important card and also a validation of Spirit’s guidance. I again explained to her that once she sets her intention (positively) things will begin to come together with ease for her and all those involved. Everything will be harmonious. This card to me can also represent the family unit or a family bond. Three or more people coming together in love. (Spirit intervened, sharing that last sentence with me as I wrote this blog post.) Interesting. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Thank you Spirit!
As I applied the color to her Denice’s hair we chatted about life, work and loads of other things. I enjoy hearing about what’s going on in my clients lives. I feel I live vicariously through them at times. Finally, I set Denice a timer for her hair to process. I sat down on one of the dyer chairs just across from her. She began to ask me about Reiki and Reiki healing. We had been speaking about the giant poinsettia plant which was in the salon as a decoration for the Holidays. I lovingly named him (the poinsettia) “Big Red.” We spoke of how this plant was doing so well in the space towards the back of the salon. The reason being I believe is the Healing Reiki that I send to it daily. It grew immensely since being place there in early November. Her eyes widened and I could tell her ears perked up! I think that most people in general are curious as to how Reiki healing works. I explained a little to her about how I become a clear channel when offering Reiki to a person, animal or object. There are even times when I have found a situation can benefit from Reiki. I Reiki everything! I have gained the nickname Reiki-Lisa from another well known medium in the area. This makes me smile as I realize I am only the facilitator. Spirit or God (whichever you believe) does the rest. I am only the vehicle through which spirit uses as a conduit to do the healing or to send the energy. I ground and they funnel or channel it through me. As we were speaking, Denise said to me “Did I ever share with you about the Crystal angel? ” I said “No…” She proceeded to share with me her sweet story…
Back in November she left an unhappy job situation. A woman from her work boxed up her belongings that were at her desk. The woman then gave them to her. In the box Denise received there was a little crystal Angel figurine with beautiful golden wings. It was beautiful she told me. Denise told me that she had no idea where it had come from. It was not hers. She had never seen it before. Whamo! In that instant I realized that her spirit peeps decided to stop by and step into my aura for a visit. I felt their presence engulf me! I swear it’s like an open invitation to spirit when one of my clients or friends begin speaking of their loved ones on the spirit – side of life. At this point I don’t even have to try to pull them in. They are simply there. It’s like the veil thins and then they are through! Clear as day I can sense them. I receive messages from Spirit via thoughts, feelings and emotions. I also have developed all my Clair’s. Which means I can see, hear, sense, know, taste & smell everything from Spirit. That is how they connect and communicate with me.  Now don’t get any ideas people… This is not my intention of how I like to work with spirit on a normal basis. With them simply just popping in when they feel like it.? I have boundaries that I set. I am pretty firm on this also. This was different though. This was a hello from heaven! These kinds of occurrences I cannot stop. When spirit is that determined to come through there’s just no stopping them. As luck would have it Denise happened to be my one and only client on this day. I really didn’t mind giving this reading. It was a lovely way to end the year for both of us. Sometimes you simply have to be grateful for what is.
Back to Spirit and the Crystal Angel.  Instantly I sensed a male Spirit step forward. Either a father or grandfather energy presented himself to me. We weren’t sure at first who this was and then he gave me the name Geff to corroborate who he is. Denise’s eyes became as wide as dinner plates… She shouted “Yes! That’s my Grand pop! How would you know that!” I was able to affirm a great deal of information for her. One of the things Geff showed me was a kiss. I saw a  set of lips being blown in her direction. He gave me the feeling he was blowing Denise a kiss. She validated this by sharing that he was a kind man always giving out kisses. He was all about the Love. He showed me Denise’s blue eyes and he gave me the feeling that his were blue also. He said “She has my eyes.” Denice said “Yes!”
Geff went on to give me his cause of passing, which was his heart. I felt this in my chest area. He also showed me something with his foot, like a limp or something. Denise once again confirmed that he walked with a cane. I felt he was on her mom’s side of the family. She confirmed that he was. Denise began to say she speaks to him often. In particular when she needs help or guidance with her mom or about her work. Denise loves crunching numbers, and Geff gave me the feeling that he too loves numbers. In the law of attraction they say like attracts like.
 I was able to explain to Denise what her Pop-pop shared with me. He does guide her. With her work issues. He’s like her guardian angel. (Although our loved ones cannot become Angels, they can guide us from the other side. The difference with Angels is they have never lived on the Earth plane.) When people cross over into the realm of spirit they have a higher vantage point to view things from. They are still the same people they were. Crossing over does not change who they are. They do not become angels or Saints. They simply can see things differently from a lofty perspective. This is one reason why Geff told me he sent Denise the Crystal angel. For guidance. She also wanted to know where on Earth it came from. She knew it was not hers. She had never seen it before. I explained to her what an apport was. Have you ever heard of this terminology? Here, let me explain.
Apport –
parapsychologists and spiritualists, an apport is the paranormal transference of an article from one place to another, or an appearance of an article from an unknown source that is often associated with poltergeist activity or spiritualistic séances. Common items that are produced are stones, feathers, flowers, perfumes and animals. These objects are said to be “gifts “from the spirit(s).
I shared with Denise that the Crystal Angel her Pop-pop gave to her was a physical manifestation or an apport. He was letting her know that he guides her in life and also in her work. Also that he is there for her and that she is never alone. He also expressed to me she needs to place the Crystal Angel where she can see it. She told me it hangs in her room where she sees it daily as a reminder of him and his love. She was flabbergasted! Denise turned to me and asked if it’s normal to feel worn out after experiencing the energies of spirit? She said she was exhausted. I said to her “ab-SOUL-lutely!” All of this information is exhausting for most people to learn to connect with during one sitting. I went on to explain further how for me, Spirit’s energy leaves me tingly all over. I’m used to it. I have been doing it all my life in one form or another. It’s like a psychic muscle one needs to build up in order not to tire out too quickly. She likened the vibration of Spirit to being all jacked up on Red bull. I call it a spiritual high. The best way I can explain it to call it a spiritual morphine. Which to me is what spirit can do for the living when we are in need of “Love energy”. This “Love energy” is what comforts us in times of need from the pain of loss. This is my definition of spiritual morphine. Denise said to me “I’m all tingly inside.” I said “yes that’s how it feels. Welcome to my world. I get that feeling all day long.” When a Spirit being pulls their energy close to ours the difference in vibrational energies is palpable. This can make some people extremely emotional. Those that are empathetic feel it the most. Like when a loved one in Spirit steps in close to your own aura or energy field. This is also the time when Spirit hugs can be experienced. Spirit energy vibrates so much faster than human energy. In order for them to connect with us they must learn to slow their energy way down and we must learn to speed our energy way up. Somewhere in the middle the energies meet up. This is where I come in as the medium. My energy is naturally high by nature. I am able with my abilities to surround myself in the light of God’s love which Divinely oversees the possible union or meeting of the souls. Some call this union a soul to soul connection. I call it a spiritual heart to heart. Where only good can come to it and only good can come from it. The energy of those on the higher planes or dimensions in the spirit realms are amazing to me. I have learned so much from them. I continue to be blown away by many of the lessons they teach me and also my clients. So many lessons of love and forgiveness. Nothing else matters I’m learning. Nothing else matters, but love.
There was a boatload of information that filtered through from Geff, Denise’s Pop-pop. At this point though it was time to rinse and remove Denise’s hair color. I brought her over to the sink. I told her that she was still in an extremely heightened or open state. I explained that she may still receive information from her Pop-pop as I gave her a relaxing scalp massage. I find water to be a major conductor of spirit electricity or energy. Just as I thought, as soon as I placed my hands on her head to begin the scalp massage I was shown a beautiful red rose for her. This is one of my symbols for love, or for sending love to her. I allowed Denise to fully relax while I worked on her without speaking a word. After the scalp massage was over Denise opened her eyes and said to me “I don’t know… The only thing I kept on hearing where the words I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Repeated over and over again. She told me that those words didn’t make any sense to her coming from Geff her Pop-pop. She thought she was making it all up in her thoughts. I helped her to understand that this was Spirit communicating with her. I instantly felt that we were not only with her Pop-pop anymore, but another Spirit as well. This rather soft spoken benevolent spirit energy had stepped forward on my other side with a new message. This time I explained it was a woman connected to Geff. I felt it was his wife, Denise’s Grandmother. She was able to accept this information and validated it quite clearly for me. Her Grandmother is on the Spirit-side of life. Denise said that “her grandmother saying I’m sorry makes perfect sense now.” Denise’s Grandmother who would’ve been Denise’s mom’s mom was stepping in to deliver a message of love and forgiveness to her daughter. Both of our mouths dropped wide open! I shared with Denise that all of my readings are wonderful when spirit steps in with information to validate their existence and the continuity of life after death. That in itself is awesome! When you throw in how they are able to weave a web of connection back into our lives and assist us here in the living, to learn important life lessons for our souls’ evolutionary growth. To me this is incredibly brilliant on their part. God works in such mysterious ways. I have been humbled beyond words at times with some of the things that transpire during a session. I said to Denise that so many of my sessions are wonderful and healing for all the parties involved. However only a few sessions are what I call “WOWS!” (Words Of Wisdom, Sincerely) this was one of those times. An enormous Wow! What a wonderful way to end the year on a note of pure unconditional love and Divine forgiveness. Also a beautiful way to start the New Year off with a BIG Bang!
I love stuff like this!!! Don’t you?
Together we walked slowly back over to my station so I could finish drying and styling Denise’s hair. We were both still a bit shellshocked by what just took place. The way Spirit can bring a connection together in such a wild and unusual way. I explained to Denise how one Spirit who is maybe a bit stronger than another will step in at times. Gently bringing in or allowing another Spirit maybe who is more of a quiet soul to speak up or give a message of what I call Love from Above. They are so kind that way.
Now I had to teach Denise a crash course in how to be the Spirit messenger or honorary Spirit medium. To be able to deliver this lovely message to her mother. We both decided after speaking about it for a moment that her mother may or may not be open to receiving the message. Mainly because it’s from her daughter. Denise’s mother can be a bit close minded it times, as can many people when they are not ready to hear certain things. Denise’s grandmother, Amelia I felt was this way as well. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We devised a plan in which to make the message come to life in a way that her mother could understand it. For her highest good. I would like you all to understand that you too can use this plan if you ever have to share Spirit information or a message with someone who may not be 100% open to receiving a message from a medium, or from you for that matter. This works no matter what their religious background or belief system is. I found it works like a charm if you use this one simple technique that I would like to share with you.
Explain to them that you had a dream of the loved one that you speak of. Everyone can relate to a dream. In this way the recipient of the message can decide if they want to accept the message or not. Some soul food for thought.. Just because we ourselves receive messages from Spirit does not mean we have to share them. We all have abilities to tune in and pick up thoughts from Spirit. We do it all day long and half of you do not even realize you’re doing it. Learning to discern what is meant to be shared, when it’s the correct time to offer guidance from Spirit and what is not to be expressed is all part of learning the art of mediumship. This knowledge comes from years of education taught from informative teachers and sitting in Spirit circles with other like minded mediums in training. It’s not something I advise that you take lightly. Your words are powerful, use them wisely. I have had this happen before where someone leaves me after a session. With all good intentions of not only sharing the wonderful messages of love and light that have filtered through for their loved ones here on Earth. Only to find out they’re up against a huge brick wall when trying to relay the message that spirit brought through specifically for that person. Not everyone is open to receiving messages from the other side. That is ok. Everyone has differing beliefs. However everyone can relate to a dream. Who doesn’t want a hello from heaven? Specially when it’s heaven sent.?
Denise could not get over all that had transpired during her appointment and frankly neither could I. Like I said in the beginning of the story this is not something I normally offer in the salon. This type of reading is what normally takes place in my office over at the Healing House, by appointment. However spirit had other plans for us this last day of 2015. Out with the old and in with The new! Happy 2016 everyone!!
I asked Denise to pull one final card before we closed her session and finished up her hair appointment. She pulled “A-wakening.” What a perfect card for her. What a perfect day, and finally in what a perfect way all this information came through for us this  gloriuos day.. God not only closed the door on the old way of life for Denise. He also opened up a window to show her with love that all things are possible to those who believe. ❤️
The end.

Learning about Life… The Ups, Downs and All Arounds ❤️

Karen's Feather from Grandmom and Evelyn

(This Spirit feather in this photo was taken by my sister Karen as it cascaded down and gently landed in her hand at the Spirt-art workshop I facilitated this week. We believe it was a sign of Love from Above from our Grandmother in Spirit. ❤️)

 Last week was an emotional whirlwind! I was up! I was Down, and All around… I thought could this even be happening?

The work week began on a high note as most of my days and weeks usually do. The salon door opened and in walked a dear friend of mine, (we’ll call her) Dominique. She needed to schedule a haircut. Before we set up her appointment we spoke. Mutually we have another friend who has been battling cancer for a few years now off and on. At this point on her journey she is in her final stages of life in this world. This friend of ours who is in hospice, we’ll call her Shirley for all intents and purposes of this story. Shirley is a kind hearted, generous person who I have been praying for and sending healing to for quite some time now. No one wants to see her suffer. From what my friend Dominique said she is just about ready to transition into the next dimension. “Very soon” she  said, “Very soon.” The insane thing is that Dominique had told me that she had just visited with Shirley and that she’s barely on any medicine for pain.  She said “She’s barely in any pain at all Lisa.” I found this to be crazy and when I say crazy I mean wild! Our friend Mike that passed a little over a year ago was the same way. Just before he transitioned or crossed over, he too had little or no pain.  He was only on ibuprofen for his stage four cancer, the same as Shirley. I have read a few books from a wonderful terminal care Dr. in Texas named Dr. John Lerma. He wrote the books  titled: “Into The Light” and “Learning From the Light” both excellent reads. If you’d like to learn more about PDE’s or Pre-Death Experiences check out his books. The way in which he interviews his patients before they cross over during their stay in palliative care while they are in his hospice is incredible. Most have little or no pain and are not heavily medicated. His patients are fully cognizant. Each patient explains to Dr.Lerma how they are seeing and sensing their loved ones, the Angels, Saints and even some of the Ascended Masters and benevolent beings who arrive to surround them with light and love. Dr. Lerma’s patients reveal to him that this is partly why they are pain- free. These higher beings are able to take away the pain that the person had previously. It’s kind of like a spiritual morphine of sorts. I learned quite a great deal from reading this doctor’s book. A fascinating, kindhearted man. The world needs more people like him.

As Dominique and I spoke further she began to refer to Shirley’s aunt ( who we will call) Louise in the past tense. I was confused. I didn’t catch on right away. There were too many thoughts swirling around in my head. I thought what is she talking about? Aunt Louise is one of our client’s as well as our client’s mother. She had recently received a sudden diagnoses of cancer throughout her entire body a little over a week and a half ago. This information was sad and so disheartening for me to hear. I thought life is unfair sometimes. Shirley’s Aunt, Louise just like like Shirley herself is a light hearted, kind person who does a lot of good for numerous people. She is so full of love and she radiates that love outward by assisting others. She has a smile that lights up a room. She is simply a joy to be around. As is our dear friend Shirley. While Dominique and I continued to speak I felt a bit lost in the conversation though because Dominique referenced Shirley’s Aunt Louise as not being able to be there for Shirley when she crossed over. I agreed because I was thinking of all that Aunt Louise had been going through with her own diagnosis. I had been praying for Aunt Louise. Holding her in light and love. The week before at the weekly spirit circle that I attend I even asked that the entire group of mediums and healers to hold Aunt Louise in prayer during that night’s Spirit circle meeting. It was a profound and powerful experience to have so many people pray and send healing all at once. I knew on some level our thoughts and prayers had been heard. I saw my number all week long…  The number “44”. This number is my sign. It’s always 44 minutes after the hour when my prayers are heard and Spirit gives me this sign as a validation to know that this is so. Also to know that the number “44” means to me “To heal and help others”.

It dawned on me as Dominique spoke. Nothing she was saying made any sense to me. She was saying Aunt Louise was already there. I thought … Where? I couldn’t comprehend what she was saying. I was confused. I felt my prayers last week were heard. Not trying to attach myself to the outcome but feeling like Aunt Louise would get better. Dominique said to me “Your prayers were heard. She didn’t have to suffer long like her niece Shirley did.” I thought to myself… “What?” My friend looked at me with the saddest eyes and she said “Oh Lis, you didn’t know… Did you? Aunt Louise passed away on All Souls Day.” Which was 2 days prior. I was simply floored! I had no idea that Aunt Louise had passed. I remained speechless for a couple of seconds trying to wrap my head around the severity of what transpired and how it all happened so quickly. How that I had not heard a word about it. I needed to get a tissue because the flood gates in my eyes began to open up and out came what my heart could not say. The tears began to flow for my friend Shirley, for our client Aunt Louise, and for her daughter and her family and also for my dear friend, Dominique (Shirley’s best friend) who was standing right in front of me holding all of herself together as I fell completely apart. I was utterly in shock! I still cannot believe how quickly Aunt Louise passed. 2 weeks from diagnosis to death. How unexpected I thought. I was dumbfounded.

After composing myself Dominique and I continued to speak about our dear friend Shirley and how her passing would be soon, any day now my friend said. She asked me to continue to pray that Shirley would soon cross over into the light so she could be at peace. As Dominique was standing directly in front of me I heard a woman in the Spirit world say to me that it would be the next day. I heard the word “tomorrow” that I thought was about Shirley’s passing. Dominique said that would be good as she knew her dear friend was ready to leave this world and begin her new life in the Heaven world. However Shirley was still holding on for some reason. Whether it was her holding on to her family or her family holding on to her. Dominique told me that the hospice nurses said everyone needed to let go of Shirley. To let her transition to the other side. Anyone who has suffered loss knows that the letting go is always the most difficult part. Dominique said to me that when she went to visit Shirley she looked almost translucent, ethereal. Almost angelic. She said she looked as if she was radiating an inner glow not noticeable before. She was absolutely beautiful Dominique said. I could only imagine, as I myself have not been able to be with many people on their death beds. From what I have read and understand from Spirit this transitory state is a blessing as well as a gift. Just like being born into this world. The transition into the Heaven world should also be celebrated. We are being birthed into the next world. It’s a going home. Back to the Creator. The God Source energy of all that is. Crossing over into the Heaven world is a monumental event. I am told by Spirit and my guides that when our loved ones arrive they are greeted by all those who have gone before them. There is so much Love and healing that is given freely to all newcomers. There is no longer any suffering. Whatever pain that your loved one may have experienced here on the Earth plane has now been completly washed away. They are free. Your loved ones are surrounded in the light of God’s love or whomever or whatever you believe The Creator to be. In crossing over know that your loved ones never leave you. The Love they share with you is extremely powerful. Love is the strongest bond that there is and it can never be severed… Ever!

It is my experience that usually a short time after your loved one crosses over they will find a way to send signs to you so that you know they have arrived and they are alright. I find that there are certain souls that need extra healing. It may take a little longer for those souls to come through and send their signs to you. I also find that when your heart is heavy with grief it can be difficult to receive these signs. Your heart needs to be an open channel or conduit to connect with your loved ones on the other side. It’s a soul to soul connection, or I like to say a spiritual heart to heart if you will. If you are open to receive these signs and messages you will. If not, don’t worry. Spirit will remain near you assisting you in your healing and with your grief. The Heaven world is a wonderful place. It is not up there or down there. From what Spirit has explained to me the Heaven world is all around us. It is here! Your loved ones spirit-side are simply in another dimension that can cross this dimension at certain times when the veil is thin or what I like to call the ‘tween times. Those times in between dawn and dusk when we are usually more open and aware. You can also think of it like this, your loved one is not gone, they are merely in another room. You will see them again, someday when it is your time to return home.

A few days after I spoke to my friend, Dominique who stopped in the salon. I had a visitation dream from one of my guides in the spirit world. I was actually sleeping but it was just upon waking that he made his presence known to me. As I lay in my bed I could see I was in my living room. Talk about being a bit confused! I was in two separate places at once. I was astral projecting … This was so cool! I looked back into my bedroom and saw my body lying there in my bed, however I was physically in my living room. I could see and feel myself standing there on my wooden floor.  I also saw my spirit friend sitting on my couch. I said a thought to him via ESP(extra sensory perception). I literally thought a thought to him. He answered me via a thought as well. I asked him why he was here? He gave me the thought that he was here for someone or something. He wore a black jeff cap on his head. To me his black hat symbolized a passing that I knew would occur. With that the visitation ended and we crossed each other in another dimension. I know this is difficult to understand, but try… It was like his energy walked right through mine. The best way I can describe it is like in the movie “Ghost” when the irate spirit guy in the subway walks through Patrick Swayze and takes his breath away for a split second. That’s what it felt like. It was wild! I felt his energy go through my being and just like that he was gone. I was back in my bed and I wondered how I returned there so quickly but then I just knew what had occurred. My spirit friend doesn’t usually show up in the physical realm. I usually only hear him in my thoughts, but every now and then he appears to me. I love when this happens! It is surreal. It’s a little Hello from the Heaven-world. I could almost touch him, although he’d probably disappear if I tried to. Although I did have another dream visitation years ago where I was able to hug him and that was nice. A spirit hug is always good. Love is Love no matter what form it takes. We all need Love, It’s what makes the world go around.

A couple of days later on Saturday afternoon I received the call…
Shirley had joined Aunt Louise and all her other loved ones in the Spirit realms. She had finally decided to let go. Well it wasn’t “tomorrow” like I had heard but then again time and space over there are not what they are here. I believe that Shirley left when she was good and ready. I was told she passed peacefully in her home surrounded by her loved ones. God has Blessed her now. Free of the cancer she is once again whole and healed as is Aunt Louise. Together I’m sure they will begin to give all of us signs that they are alright. Because that is just what our loved ones do when they know we are open to receive their messages of Love from Above. I will continue to keep an eye out for any messages from them. In the meantime all the while I have been typing this blog post the lights in my house have been flickering off and on. They don’t normally do this. Only when Spirit is present. Yes there is a presence of an energy here right now with me that I do sense and feel. However they (Spirit) are remaining mute as they stand beside me. Watching me type they are more than likely assisting me with these words, because I have to say my fingers have never typed so fast. The words are just flowing into my thought s like wine being poured into a delicate goblet for a celebration.
A celebration of life after life!  Continue reading Learning about Life… The Ups, Downs and All Arounds ❤️