Blind Faith… Healing at the Chapel

Chapel at sunset

Chapel of the Holy Cross  Nov. 7th, 2016

I can’t explain how exactly I am moved or why I feel the way I do when attending the prayer service at the Chapel in Sedona, AZ. I feel there’s a profound healing energy that resides beneath the surface of the Chapels’ energetic footprint deep within the red rocks. Each and almost every time I’m there praying for people I am completely moved to tears. God’s presence is felt there by so many weary travelers. Yesterday was once again one of those times. It is my understanding that tears are a release of what our hearts cannot say. I believe we should always allow the tears to flow when we feel the need to do so. A release should never be held back or held within. Always allow the pent up energy to flow fluidly from your eyes. Tune into your body afterwards to see how much better you feel. I bet you it will be the difference between night and day. Letting go of what no longer serves you allows for healing, for growth and expansion to begin. To heal is to shift your energy. You were never actually broken you know, only in need of a rewiring, a shift in thought, which essentially is all energy. So shift your thoughts and shift your mind. This is what people in the spiritual community are referring to as a Holy Shift!?  The feelings that I felt my heart was expressing to me in that moment when the tears began to well up in the corners of my eyes is that I am eternally grateful for all of you in my life. For your trust in me that your prayers would be carried up to the alter of this Chapel. Which by the way has been blessed this year as a healing place of Mercy by the Pope. I was lucky enough to be here in February with my cousin, Melissa and now to be back here again yesterday in such a reverent and Holy space. The Year of Mercy will commence on the 15th of November. It has been my honor that together with my Mom we were able to carry your prayers from PA to AZ and lay them on the alter next to the cross with Jesus for Divine Healing of the highest and best good for all those involved.

As I held you all in prayer, there was one point just as I was beginning to get in line to walk up to the alter with your prayer requests in my thoughts that my friend Mike, who is in the Spirit realm stepped forward to lend his support to me and to all of you. To aid in giving me the strength to be able to carry these heartfelt requests for you up to Jesus. I felt his assistance basically lightened my load a bit. (My friend’s presence for me is a sure symbolic sign of positivity or light in an otherwise sometimes dimly lit world.) Please take from this message what you can. You may or may not think what you are dealing with is what you want at this moment, you may or may not even be sure that God has heard your prayers, that is ok. Please know in your heart that you and your loved ones whom these prayer requests were said for will get exactly what they need for their highest good. It’s not up to us how they heal. We prayed for them. We have done our job on this Earth. Our job is simply to be of service for another, everyday. We cannot control the outcome. Now it is up to us to release our heavy thoughts, to release the burdens that we carry of how to fix those that we love. We cannot fix anyone. There are only two things in this world that everything is based on and that is fear or Love. From what I know to be true, fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real, or Fear Everything And Run. I don’t know about you, however I choose to Love❤️ I’ve been told by the Spirit realms that Love can move mountains on our behalf. Oh yes and BTW… There will always be another mountain? (Thanks Mike for that reminder in my own life.) Because it’s never about the destination. It’s always about the journey where you learn all the lessons that make this crazy trip to Earth so worthwhile. It’s in life’s difficulties where grow the most. Where we learn the lessons that our souls came here for. Ask yourself what would you learn if things were easy? Not a darn thing…

Chapel candles we lit for everyone

 “The Universe Loves a grateful heart”?

I for one am so grateful to be here sharing this blog post with all of you. To stand as the essence of my soul’s being and shine my light brightly this day. To connect with all of you. By connecting all of our bright lights together we become a beautiful multifaceted beacon of Hope, a bright light in the Universe, (my Symbol for this is a light brite, the toy, remember those? If you have been to my Spiritual development circle you know about this as we are The “Love❤️Lights”.) Together our combined illumination can assist others in Lighting up the world wherever they are. Making Earth a brighter place as we share our Love outwardly with all those we meet. WE ARE ALL ONE! Allow your beautiful bright light to ripple out and light up another’s path. You will not only be glad you did this but you will begin to see so much synchronicity unfold in your own life. This is a big sign that you are on the correct path. “The Universe Loves a grateful heart”? As a spiritual intuitive medium or spirit messenger I’ve heard this quote told to me time and time again by the Spirit realms and those that reside there. I use it as a gentle reminder when I need to realign my thoughts with the Universe. I find that by saying it out loud it places me in the flow of all that is… It places me in the heart centered space which to me is pure unconditional Love.

St. Jude and Mother Mary at the Chapel

One last thing I’d like to share is that as we were leaving the Chaple I was approached by a beautiful soul of a woman and her friend. I had shared with here what an angelically beautiful voice she had as we sang the hymns in the prayer service . She thanked me. This complete stranger smiled brightly at me and handed me this St. Jude prayer card. She had told us that she wanted us to have it as she had experienced a wonderful miracle placed upon her path earlier during this special day. I took it as yet another synchronistic sign for all of you. For your prayers. A message to say that your prayers have been heard. St Jude is the patron saint of desperate causes, hopeless situation and lost causes. I found it touching that she would stop, single us out and hand this prayer card to us. So do I know that your loved ones will heal? No, I ab-SOUL-lutly do not. However, I do know without a doubt is that I believe in something called #BlindFaith – which is believing that which cannot be seen. It’s a trusting in God or The Universal energies that surround us with so much Love we could never fully imagine.
Faith also stands for:
F orwarding
A ll
I ssues
T o
H eaven
Thy will be done.

***We are now headed out to The Bell Rock Vortex to begin sending distance energy healing to all of you. Like, comment and please share to receive your healing this day. All you need is an open heart and open mind and the healing Love that we send from the sacred Bell Rock Healing votex site will transmit directly to you. Set your intention to receive this beautiful energy. I will begin sending energy around 2:44pm MT. and 4:44pm EST. Please contact me via Facebook or email and share what you felt. I’d love to hear about your experience.

Mother Mary painting at the Chapel

Blessings to you!
I will leave you with my Love and all the Love form those in the realms of Spirit on this beautiful sunshine filled Sedona day.
Lisa Potts
The Hairdresser-Medium®

Heart Rock at the ChapelCan you see the heart in the red rocks, yet another sign on our way out of the Chapel that all is well as it should be. World without end,

Thank you for following along on my journey. We are all on the same team and together in what we each share I feel we achieve more, more happiness, more gratitude and definitely more Love❤️

Sandy & Lisa inside the Chapel