An Open Door Welcomes New Possibilities❤️

An open door welcomes new possibilities❤️
Many new doors will open throughout your life. Are you ready to walk on through to the other side? Yes?… No? It’s ok. Wherever you are along your journey remember it’s your journey and yours alone. No judgement. Only you can push yourself forward. Only you can choose which path to take. You’re never alone however at times it may certainly feel this way. Continue to move forward no matter what. Backwards is only a stall tactic. It’s fear that is holding you there. Focus on all the Love  that is in your life. Take that leap of faith, eventually you’ll look back and be glad you did. All the signs you pass along the way will be pointing you in the correct direction. Even if you may not notice them. Trust that they are there. You are is exactly where you are meant to be. Guess what?

You cannot do this life wrong… No matter what! Be curious about everything, smile everyday at someone, even if that someone only happens to be yourself in the mirror. Be kind to others, even those who are unkind to you. Be kind to yourself. Yes this one is difficult, try your best to do it anyway. You’ll probably find you’ll be glad you did. Kindness lifts your energetic vibration. #MoreKindnessAndLovePlease
Everyone is fighting a battle you may know nothing about. Think beyond yourself. Be of service. Get out and into nature. When you walk through a natural environment or sit in a beautiful open space the whole world opens its doors up to you… Welcome in the possibilities… They’re endless. What will your day hold?
💞Pass it on!
©Lisa Potts
“The Forest Beyond the Trees”
Lake Nockamixon
Bucks County, PA