❤️ The Presence of The Now

Be still. Silence your soul. Listen from within.
Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it❤️
-Andy Rooney
So much can be said for this quote. Although wherever you are on your own journey, simply enjoy the view. Look around once in awhile or you may miss what’s right before you. Presence, which is the true gift. Take in your surroundings, the beautiful scenery before you. Wherever you are at any given moment it is beautiful, even magical. It’s all in your perspective. In how you view your place in the world.

This photo was taken by a wonderful friend of mine who helped me to “see” this yesterday. After hiking to the top of this pinnacle we were rewarded with cool breezes on a gorgeous warm fall day. The giant rocks we sat upon anchored us deeply to the Earth’s core. The way the wind could be heard and felt as it swept it’s way effortlessly around the mountaintop and through the trees. It was like Spirit was speaking directly to our souls. It makes one feel completely connected to all that is. As I closed my eyes to meditate I was carried in my mind’s eye out over the treetops on the wings of the hawks and vultures that gracefully soared in front of us. Fully present. I believe we both enjoyed this gift of being in the now. We were on top of the world, even if just for a little while. I say “Climb that mountain, whatever it is. Live on top of the world as best you can. Always enjoy the journey, because that is ultimately what it’s all about.”
Here’s a thought that Spirit recently shared with me the other day as I was waking up. You may want to write it down as a gentle reminder of your presence.
“You are in the world, you are not of it.”
This has been #AMessageFromAboveWithLove ❤️
©Lisa Potts
“The Presence of the Now”
The Pinnacle
Hamburg, PA