❤️ Sweet Nectar of Life

Sweet Nectar of Life

“Sing your Soul’s Song”
Rose throated pink hummingbird @ Chapel of The Holy Cross
Sedona, AZ
The nectar of life is sweet, only when shared with others.
Last night I had a dream…
In it there was an accident. I was visited by a vivid brilliantly colored hummingbird. After some time I gained his trust. He perched himself tightly on my finger as he sang his beautiful sweet song to me. As he stared at me… I began to wonder?  What was he thinking? What was I to learn from him and this experience? He appeared, to want to teach me about his Joy.
After a few minutes of sharing this sacred space with this mystical creature I was miraculously lifted out and freed of the wreckage in my dream. I knew instantly that I needed to pass this information on to others.
Hummingbirds symbolize joy

along with accomplishing that which seems like the impossible.
They can teach us how to find the miracle of joyful living in our own everyday life. Hummingbird medicine is herbal; ironically it shows us how to use flowers for healing the mind, body and soul. I found that quite interesting. Hummingbird teaches us how to draw life’s essence from the flowers of life and create our own medicine. This totem reminds us to explore the past and extract only the sweetness from it. There is joy and sweetness in all situations. You only need to grab hold of what feels good to you and sing it out loud. Share your joy with those around you who have kind hearts and listening ears with which to hear you. Pretty soon others will hear your song. The correct ones, those who are meant to hear you. They will begin to flock together and gather around to communicate with you. Your song will be carried through to the Universe. Your joy is contagious when shared. Belt it out!! Live sweetly in your Joy🎉💖✨

Your happiness is what life is about and honestly nothing else really matters. Seriously, because in the end it’s not what you have or who you know or what you do with your life that’s important. Ultimately it’s how you lived (your joy) and how you Loved (others).

This time of the year is difficult for many people. Especially for me. I don’t usually share my personal trials. I tend to smile and keep them to myself. In the past I feel that when I have shared how I felt it somehow made me feel weak. Like others had some stronger life force than me. Like who am I to be sharing this? I realized something today… Who am I not to be sharing this. It’s my authenticity.  I have come a long way in my young life and I am very proud of all that I have worked hard to accomplish as well as all of my failures. I would not be who I am or where I am had I not gone through all that I have. I’m learning that life is one giant lesson that’s all rolled together. Love is the best answer I have found for coping. I am dealing with S.A.D. (Seasonal affective disorder) and bouts of depression here and there the best way I know how. Thankfully I do not have to deal with this as much as some of the others in my family. Notice, I say it’s something I “deal with.”  I will not own it. I’ve come to understand that owning an issue makes it yours. Personally I do not want any of those conditions placed upon me. I choose to be happy and I choose my joy above everything else. One of the things that has greatly helped me in moving forward and dealing with this issue is physical exercise. Walking in particular. Being out in nature and connecting with God/The Universe. Whatever you want to call it. Finding and connecting to something bigger than myself has assisted me greatly. Along with meditation and journaling. We all have bad days once in awhile, this much is true but remember it’s never a bad life. I also find that being grateful helps to raise my vibration and lift me out of any funky junk I may be feeling. Try it. It works!
My sister also reminded me recently that “There’s an oil for that!” Haha… Yes, there sure is Karen. Thank you❤
I want to let anyone know who may be interested. I will be creating roller balls for purchase with a special blend of carefully selected essential oils that will assist you in finding your joy and passion while releasing the negativity and weighted emotions that come along with these seasonal changes and excessive mood swings. After using these oils you will LOOK & FEEL 100% better. I speak from experience.
💜 If anyone is interested in learning more whether hosting a class or purchasing a roller ball blend for themselves or for your friends and family members please contact or message me. I’d love to talk with you. Please keep me in mind if you think this may help someone you know and Love. PASS IT ON!
Thank you.
These are merely healthy alternatives to support you along on your journey of wellbeing.
 In the meantime enjoy this magical tiny pink hummingbird I was Blessed to video in the link below while out in Sedona on my last hiking adventure.💖✨ *(Zoom in and you’ll see him clearly. He reminded me of the tiny sentient being that aided me in my dream.)
©Lisa Potts