❤️ Forget Love, Fall in Coffee

#DropsOfLove are essential❤️
If you know me, then you know it’s all about the Love. Well just for today, forget Love.
Let’s all fall in coffee😜☕️🍫🎃 The chocolate pumpkin kind to be exact.

After having fun at last nights informational essential oil class in my office. Inspiration prompted me this morning to feed the creative fires within my soul. By producing my own version of a classic with this healthy twist. Introducing my healthy morning brew to you.

 Chocolate/Coconut/Pumpkin/cinnamon spice… Mmmm… Pure delisciousness and did I mention it’s loaded with 20 grams of protein, real pumpkin, natural ingredients and my all time favorite… Chocolate. Even better!
Here, Cheers to your day!
Sip and Enjoy and feel amazing.. And repeat. 😍☕️☺️

❤️ Bulletproof Chocolate/Coconut Pumpkin Spiced Latte 
*(No need to add sugar unless you like it sweeter. To me it’s sweet enough w/the chocolate powder. Although stevia is a good alternative to sugar. It’s also Dairy free)
1 cup of organic coffee (I used green mountain breakfast blend)
1 scoop of vega one (plant based) chocolate protein powder.
1 tbsp organic coconut oil.
2 tbsp of organic pumpkin purée.
1 drop cinnamon oil. (Warms the soul & Supports healthy insulin levels)
1 drop clove oil. (Supports oral health)
A shake or two of nutmeg powder.
1 drop cardamom oil. (Supports feelings of happiness. I call this oil a happy day in a bottle)
1 drop of ginger oil. (Supports healthy digestion)
Add all ingredient Into magic bullet or blended and whip it up into a frothy cup of Mmm… Mmm goodness. While this mixture blends away,  I like to say “1..2..3…, God Bless me🙏 (Setting an intention, prayer or positive thought into anything makes everything better.) As always it’s Good to the last drop❤️
Those were just a few of the wonderful reasons to try my coffee recipe today. Keep in touch! Let me know how your next morning brew turns out if you try it. Be sure to add a few #EssentialDropsOfLove …Everything’s better with Love❤️ #MoreLovePlease
❤️ Message me if you’d like to learn more.
©Lisa Potts
“Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice”
*Pumpkin: This is a great choice for your waistline since pumpkin is extremely nutrient dense, chock-full of vitamins and minerals, and low in calories. It’s also known to be good for the heart, blood pressure, eye health, and can give your immune system a boost.
*Coconut Oil: This popular oil is becoming more of a staple in cooking.  Its properties have been shown to improve glucose tolerance and lower body fat accumulation. Coconut oil may also improve insulin sensitivity for people with type 2 diabetes.
*Nutmeg: This baking spice is also a healthy one—it’s been used since ancient times!  If you’re suffering from aching joints or muscles, digestion-related problems, or even bad breath—you’ll love the effects of nutmeg. Plus, it’s known to stimulate your brain and eliminate fatigue and stress.