♥ Testimonials


♥ Client Testimonials

♥  I had the best “bars” session! I had no idea what Access Bars were but after reading about it on Lisa’s website I knew it was something I just needed. I was ready to let go of what no longer served me. The experience for me was unforgettable. I felt extremely happy and light, as if weight was lifted off my shoulders immediately. Since doing this I have found it easier to relax, let things go and simply sleep easier. I really look forward to taking a class in the future. Thank you, Lisa!! You are amazing!
– Stephanie C. ☺️
Bucks County, Pa

♥  I have had  mediumship sessions both in person and online with Lisa and they were spectacular! My loved ones came through and gave me messages that I needed to hear at those particular times in my life. I found it to be an inspirational and uplifting experience. Lisa has a special gift and a beautiful way of communicating with Spirit all while delivering  heartfelt messages that really touched my soul. I have also had reiki healing, coaching sessions and access bars sessions offered by Lisa and I felt much lighter, more clear and ultimately happier after each of my sessions.
– Melissa R.
Glenside, P

♥  Lisa has a caring approach to bringing in messages from Spirit.  She takes her time with each client and allows you to fully understand her process and how it all works. Lisa’s gift transcends the expectations of a reading and will assure you your loved one is with you and that you are open to receive the messages.  Her overall approach is very calming and healing as she mixes in other modalities such as meditation, essential oils and card readings to assist her with Spirit.
– Karen F.
Sarasota, FL

I am happy to have had a reading from Lisa Potts. Firsthand, her space is beautiful and calming which invoked a sense of safety. Lisa is very personable and genuinely kind and I was immediately comfortable in her space and company. My reading was a tremendous gift of love and encouragement from women in my family who wanted to say “you’re just like me! We’re so proud and love you more than words can express”. It brings tears to my eyes just recalling our session. The clues and images she received were all positive and encouraging. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience. Thank you Grandmom Nyce! I love you too!!! I highly recommend Lisa for this work!
Janine N.
Ottsville, PA

I’ve had the honor of knowing Lisa for many years as a hairdresser and have enjoyed her perceptiveness, down to earth personality and positive nature. I have always felt I could be myself with her and trust her insight and opinions.  Lisa provided an amazingly relaxing experience through her medium reading and Reiki session. Her warm heart and great sense of humor gave me a sense of comfort and clarity to my questions. It is truly incredible to know that our loved ones are still with us and Lisa captured the true spirit of the person I connected with. I felt more at peace after my session. I would highly recommend Lisa for her gift of being a medium/healer, my experience was excellent! I can’t thank you enough!!!
– Linda D.
Ottsville, PA

Thank you Lisa for the opportunity to experience the Aroma Touch Technique!  It was total relaxation of both mind and body. I would highly recommend to everyone.  Such an awesome experience!
-Vicki L. 💕
Ottsville, PA

♥ I first met Lisa at a event where we were paired up to do Readings together. She gave me a reading, tuned in quickly to my boss at the time and the information was validated. I was impressed. Since then I’ve had several Readings with Lisa and they’ve all been great!
-Curtis D.
Pittsburg, PA

Prepare yourself for a delightful dip into relaxation. Experience The AromaTouch Technique.  The essential oils are applied sparingly, but exude a powerful fragrance that both calm and enliven spirits.  I noticed Lisa was using a much lighter touch than she normally does as hairdresser when giving one of her excellent scalp massages. Just a few minutes into the session, though I was completely unaware of anything.  It’s a deep place we all need to dive into occasionally to find healing and rejuvenation. As Lisa explained afterwards, the technique is meant to let the oils do the work to purify and cleanse the more subtle strata of the body.  It must have worked because that night I had some of the best sleep ever and woke early refreshed and ready to go. I’d only caution, drink lots of water to maximize the detoxification so that if anything ‘big’ shakes loose emotionally or otherwise, it will just keep on going.
– Carla S.
Kintnersville, PA

I had an Aroma Touch treatment with Lisa and it was such a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I was not sure what to expect but it was definitely a great way to know how the oil’s worked. I slept like a baby afterwards. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. Thank you Lisa for your wonderful expertise and knowledge about the oils.
-Renee C.
Bullhead City, AZ

What a wonderful surprise I had on Friday evening. I went to Lisa Potts for an Aromatherapy treatment….wow…blew me away! I actually relaxed and went to the wonderful space between wakefulness and sleep.  And it SMELLED delicious too! What a gift for me. Looking forward to my next time with Lisa.
-Denyce H.
Quakertown, PA  

I received an Aroma Touch therapy session with Lisa and it soothed my soul.  Lisa’s new office is calm, quiet and serene and you instantly enter into a place of tranquility and peace.  Lisa cleared the space and opened up my chakras. She explained one by one the oils she used and how they were beneficial to me.  The essential oils permeated the air so pleasantly and the touch was very gentle and put me in a place of pure relaxation. I started the day rushed and anxious but left feeling calm and quiet.  The Aroma Touch is a beautiful gift you can give yourself when you need to relax, unwind and clear your mind, body and soul.
-Lynn F.
Sarasota, FL  

Lisa is one of the most genuine, kind, and beautiful spirits I have ever met. She has a true gift and is so full of love and light. I highly recommend booking a session with her. She is very knowledgeable in the health and wellness community and always takes the time to help you in every way she can. I did a Zyto Scan with her and the results were incredible, you have to give it a try! I can’t wait to go back and see her again soon. THANK YOU Lisa!
– Katie M.
Easton, PA

Lisa is a profound intuitive who will focus in on what your physical, emotional and spiritual body needs. She has a divine gift which will bless you many times over.
-Lu P.
Asbury, NJ

♥ My husband and I have taken advantage of several healing modalities in Lisa’s tool kit. She is the real deal, open and interested in helping others, which is what motivates her to train and continually expand the services she offers in the healing arts.

I particularly liked her Aroma Touch technique and was fascinated to learn how essential oils subtly impact our daily lives. The Zyto scan produced some very interesting results.

I use the diffuser in my airbnb with Wild Orange and find it really livens up the room – people love it.

Her reiki sessions are very soothing, and she has even helped my dogs heal faster when they were ailing. She’s a great hairdresser too and gives a wonderful scalp massage.

My husband Patrick had an Access Bar session. He isn’t one to talk much about his feelings, but this treatment blew him away. In his own words, it made him feel, “as if a great weight had been lifted” off his shoulders. (I’m writing this for him because he isn’t on Facebook:).

In a world where a friendly touch is quickly becoming extinct, Lisa is a brave warrior on the frontier of feelings. Wellness is her cause and healing is how she serves those who are willing to go there with her.
-Carla S.
Kintnersville, PA

♥ I had the opportunity to experience a AromaTouch session with Lisa yesterday and it was wonderful! I felt completely rejuvenated and relaxed. Lisa’s calming presence and nurturing touch allowed me to fully experience the benefits of the session, using a unique blend of doTerra essential oils. I highly recommend this experience with Lisa; you’ll love it!!!
-Brenda G.
Nockamixon, PA

♥ Lisa is awesome. I highly recommend her. Great energy. She has heart and integrity.
-Cheryl G.
East Stroudsburg, PA

♥ Lisa has always had a special gift, it only gets better with time as she is constantly learning more techniques and sharing her knowledge with her clients.

Lisa has helped me tremendously over many years in helping to bring me messages and or closure from loved ones that are in spirit. Her gentle nature and calming tone has a way to ease you into receiving the messages from above. I have had many sessions with Lisa including Reiki, Angel card readings, and readings with my loved ones.

Lisa explains everything and how she comes to a certain meaning of something since all Mediums work a little different in their techniques. I found this helped me understand much easier and it helped me to connect better with spirit. She has also helped my daughter and even friends through me.

A recent passing of my Mother in law (MIL) I believe she came to her immediately in the form of an angel in the clouds in which she shared a picture with me. Not long after this passing Lisa reached out to me and asked if my MIL was a Rod Stewart fan because she was hearing “All right now”. I had asked my husband but he was unsure. Shortly after we went to his mother’s home prior to the funeral and when we walked in Rod Stewart was playing on the radio and his sister was able to confirm Rod Stewart was in fact one of her favorites. A true sign indeed and on the day of her funeral so close to her passing. We knew she was truly in a better place and would be with us.

If you are looking for a sign, a message or just to get closure make an appointment with Lisa and tell her nothing, she will be able to provide your soul with comfort and you will believe there is life after death. She has taught me death is not to be feared but to be marveled upon for we only get a glimpse in what the afterlife holds for all of us.
-Karen F.
Sarasota, Fl

♥ Lisa made me feel so comfortable and from the beginning of the reading to the end she was right on about me and my life. I have been helped immensely! What I experience now has been validated and I am calm knowing that I am being guided. I can’t wait to update her as time goes by. Excited to try the Peace Oil!
-Mary V.
Washington, DC

♥ She did a short reading one night on a live little video.. OMG she was spot-on! Love love love her!
-Rene B
Pittsburg, PA

 ♥ I had AromaTouch session Lisa. Her sweet & kind nature made my experience even more relaxing. Right away I began to release my stress as I felt a wave of calm wash over me. I would highly recommend an AromaTouch session with Lisa.
 -Curtis D.
Arvada, C

A few days ago I had an Aroma Touch session with Lisa Potts. It was absolutely heavenly. She helped me to relax and to release my stress. Lisa is an extraordinary person. I highly recommend an Aroma Touch session with Lisa!
– Nanc C.
Nockamixon, PA

I would highly recommend having an Aroma Touch session with Lisa. After my session I felt energized and slept fabulous. Thank you Lisa!
– Melissa H.
Upper Black Eddy, PA

An Aroma Touch session with Lisa Potts’ is amazing. The first word I can think of is wow! I had so much energy the next few days! My sleep time increased and I was able to focus more at work. She also gave me an awesome scalp massage which was a great way to end our session. Thank you Lisa❤️
– Michelle H.
West Chester, PA

You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart ♥

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Prayers of Peace, Hope & Love

What to expect…

♥ A Little FYI about Mediumship- This is where your Loved ones are able to communicate their presence to the medium through symbolic thoughts, feelings, emotions and messages. Lisa is able to relay what she pereceives from the Spirit-world. She can only tell you what the Spirit tells her. “You may feel as if your Loved ones are gone, please know that they are not. No one ever dies. The soul simply transforms! We are all energy that can be created, never destroyed. Love is the strongest bond that there is.” Love never dies. ♥ Receiving validation from a medium should be a wonderful experience. Creating healing and LOVE from Above.

 ♥ Transformational teaching–  Lisa helps people promote positive changes by teaching them HOW to empower their lives with Love from Above. Gaining valuable life lessons. She strongly believes that we are all each others teachers.

“Everyone who enters your life has a valuable lesson to teach you, whether they enter for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Invite them in, they have much to share with you.”

 Lisa’s suggestion for a positive reading… “Come to your appointment as open as possible & just relax. All Readings and healing sessions are interactive and experiential. The more open minded you are the better your session. There is nothing scary or dark associated with my readings. All readings are offered for my client’s highest and best possible good.

Setting a positive intention to connect with your Loved ones in Spirit is most certainly recommended, although not necessary. It is through the high vibrational frequency which Spirit emits that makes it possible for them to be able to connect with us. We must raise our vibration (ex. by setting positive thoughts) and they must slow theirs down a little as to be able to meet somewhere in the middle. It’s similar to what I call the ‘tween-time. The time in between sleeping and waking when the veil thins and your Loved ones can speak directly to you. (Like hearing your name being called or a thought that hits you like a bolt of lightning out of the blue.) It’s a bit like that when I conduct a reading. A foot in each world so to speak. The Earth-world and the Heaven-world. They really do walk among us, by our side. LOVE never dies. Just some soul food for thought!”♥

If you have previously been to me as a salon client for a hair appointment, you may have experienced that at certain times Spirit decided to stop in for a visit…

This can be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t want a hello from Heaven?

Many of my clients have heard me say this numerous times. When conducting a mediumship session it is a beautiful healing experience for not only the client, but myself and the loved ones who are spirit-side. “The way I see it, I can always pull Spirit in for you, but to me it’s like pulling teeth, and I am not a dentist… haha!”

When your loved ones decide on their own accord to step forward through the veil and present themselves,  it’s usually to give a profound message of some sort. This is where the beauty comes in. To me this is one of those intensely magical moments. I believe that spirit will always give you what you need at just the right time. The secret is to be OPEN to all that you receive.  “It may not be what you want, but it’s usually always what you need.” Keep in mind that the information provided during a reading may not make perfect sense at the time of your reading, however 9 times out of 10 it will later on, if it’s meant to. I say “Take what you can and leave the rest.”

I find that at times people are extremely set on who they want to come through. So much so that when this happens I find it tends to block the other souls who would like to come through, especially the ones who are more on the quiet side, as maybe they would have been in life. Just be open and have fun. Your loved ones are as excited to talk to you as you are to hear from them.

♥ As always I look forward to connecting with you and your loved ones in Spirit.

“I have heard that once you find a job you Love , you’ll never work another day in your life… Everyone has their own journey in life, I have found mine and it has made all the difference! ♥ “