♥ Testimonials

♥ Client Testimonials

♥  I had the best “bars” session! I had no idea what Access Bars were but after reading about it on Lisa’s website I knew it was something I just needed. I was ready to let go of what no longer served me. The experience for me was unforgettable. I felt extremely happy and light, as if weight was lifted off my shoulders immediately. Since doing this I have found it easier to relax, let things go and simply sleep easier. I really look forward to taking a class in the future. Thank you, Lisa!! You are amazing! 
– Stephanie C.
Bucks County, Pa

♥  I have had  mediumship sessions both in person and online with Lisa and they were spectacular! My loved ones came through and gave me messages that I needed to hear at those particular times in my life. I found it to be an inspirational and uplifting experience. Lisa has a special gift and a beautiful way of communicating with Spirit all while delivering  heartfelt messages that really touched my soul. I have also had reiki healing, coaching sessions and access bars sessions offered by Lisa and I felt much lighter, more clear and ultimately happier after each of my sessions.
– Melissa R.
Glenside, PA

♥  Lisa has a caring approach to bringing in messages from Spirit.  She takes her time with each client and allows you to fully understand her process and how it all works. Lisa’s gift transcends the expectations of a reading and will assure you your loved one is with you and that you are open to receive the messages.  Her overall approach is very calming and healing as she mixes in other modalities such as meditation, essential oils and card readings to assist her with Spirit.
– Karen F.
Sarasota, FL

♥ I am happy to have had a reading from Lisa Potts. Firsthand, her space is beautiful and calming which invoked a sense of safety. Lisa is very personable and genuinely kind and I was immediately comfortable in her space and company. My reading was a tremendous gift of love and encouragement from women in my family who wanted to say “you’re just like me! We’re so proud and love you more than words can express”. It brings tears to my eyes just recalling our session. The clues and images she received were all positive and encouraging. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience. Thank you Grandmom Nyce! I love you too!!! I highly recommend Lisa for this work!
– Janine N.
Ottsville, PA
♥ I’ve had the honor of knowing Lisa for many years as a hairdresser and have enjoyed her perceptiveness, down to earth personality and positive nature. I have always felt I could be myself with her and trust her insight and opinions.  Lisa provided an amazingly relaxing experience through her medium reading and Reiki session.  Her warm heart and great sense of humor gave me a sense of comfort and clarity to my questions. It is truly incredible to know that our loved ones are still with us and Lisa captured the true spirit of the person I connected with. I felt more at peace after my session. I would highly recommend Lisa for her gift of being a medium/healer, my experience was excellent!
I can’t thank you enough!!! 
– Linda D.

Ottsville, PA

♥ Thank you Lisa for the opportunity to experience the Aroma Touch Technique!  It was total relaxation of both mind and body.  I would highly recommend to everyone.  Such an awesome experience!
-Vicki L. 💕
Ottsville, PA

♥ Prepare yourself for a delightful dip into relaxation. Experience The AromaTouch Technique. This is not another ‘oily massage’.  The essential oils are applied sparingly, but exude a powerful fragrance that both calm and enliven spirits.  I noticed Lisa was using a much lighter touch than she normally does as hairdresser when giving one of her excellent scalp massages. Just a few minutes into the session, though I was completely unaware of anything.  It’s a deep place we all need to dive into occasionally to find healing and rejuvenation.  As Lisa explained afterwards, the technique is meant to let the oils do the work to purify and cleanse the more subtle strata of the body.  It must have worked because that night I had some of the best sleep ever and woke early refreshed and ready to go.  I’d only caution, drink lots of water to maximize the detoxification so that if anything ‘big’ shakes loose emotionally or otherwise, it will just keep on going.
-Carla S.
Kintersville, PA

♥ What a wonderful surprise I had on Friday evening. I went to Lisa Potts for an Aroma Therapy treatment….wow…blew me away! I actually relaxed and went to the wonderful space between wakefulness and sleep.  And it SMELLED delicious too! What a gift for me. Looking forward to my next time with Lisa.
-Denyce H.
Quakertown, PA
♥ I received an Aroma Touch therapy session with Lisa and it soothed my soul.  Lisa’s new office is calm, quiet and serene and you instantly enter into a place of tranquility and peace.  Lisa cleared the space and opened up my chakras.  She explained one by one the oils she used and how they were beneficial to me.  The essential oils permeated the air so pleasantly and the touch was very gentle and put me in a place of pure relaxation.  I started the day rushed and anxious but left feeling calm and quiet.  The Aroma Touch is a beautiful gift you can give yourself when you need to relax, unwind and clear your mind, body and soul.

-Lynn F.
Sarasota, FL
♥ I had an aroma touch treatment with Lisa and it was such a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I was not sure what to expect but it was definitely a great way to know how the oil’s worked. I slept like a baby afterwards. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. Thank you Lisa for your wonderful expertise and knowledge about the oils.

-Renee C.
Bullhead City, AZ