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Before you scroll through this page I’d like you to ask yourself this question? Are you READY to FEEL better about everything, mind, body & Spirit? Good, than I can help you.
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Lisa offers numerous healing modalities. Not sure which to choose? She can intuitively guide you.
Email to schedule your next appointment Lisa@TheHairdresser-Medium.com
or call 215-813-4413. 


♥ ♥ ♥ Give the Gift of Wellbeing, Mind, Body & Spirit. Gift Certificates Available 

♥  Cup Of Love Transformational Coaching❤️
Feeling Stuck in your life? Overwhelmed? Not sure how to let go of what no longer serves you? Lisa can help you move forward fearlessly when you’re ready. Her unique transformational approach will help you awaken & expand your conscious and unconscious mind. Do yourself this huge favor. Take your first step now! Commit to investing in yourself. You’re worth it! You’ll be so glad you did once you’re able to move forward fearlessly. Your life isn’t meant to be difficult. Unlimited possibilities are completely possible. You’re dreams are merely a “Cup of Love” away.
*Call Lisa to set up your Complimentary 15 min. phone consultation.


♥ Angels & Oils Intuitive Psychic/Mediumship Card Readings –

Lisa is Doreen Virtue Certified as an Intuitive Angel Card Reader/Tarologist. She is also an Intuitive Evidential Psychic Medium. This gentle yet insightful form of card reading is what Lisa prefers to utilize as her spiritual tool of choice along with a combination of the purest Essential Oils, highly charged crystals and whatever else Spirit guides her to choose to work with. For each reading is as unique as is each and every client Lisa sees. These particular tools work hand in hand with the sitter’s wellbeing, mind & body & Spirit.

During an Angel & Oils Card Reading the messages that are revealed will assist the sitter in decision making and having a greater understanding of where their life may be headed. The more open minded the sitter is the more opportunity Spirit or your loved ones on the other side have to come through the veil and connect with you offering greater insight. The Angel/Oracle cards are meant to serve as a probable outcome clarifying or offering direction and guidance on the next right course of action to take in one’s life. Lisa reminds us that we all have free will. Only God or your creator can say for certain what will occur in this lifetime. Lisa asks that when attending a session you bring any questions you’d like to focus on. If you’re unsure of what to focus on she can offer you a more generalized reading of what’s going on and where you may be headed along your spiritual path and simply see what comes through for you. There’s no right or wrong way she says, it’s simply the way that Spirit works with Lisa to be the best medium or messenger for her clients.

*Not everyone is guaranteed a visit with the Spirit-world, although the more open you are without expectation the better the reading will be. This is what Lisa has found to be true over the years.
 1 hr $150.
*Readings are available in person, or by Phone, FaceTime Or Zoom


“Love never dies, it simply transforms and lives on in the heart, the soul & the mind”


Looking to re-connect with your loved ones in spirit?
♥ Mediumship Reading/Healing Session- Lisa facilitates the connection between you and your loved ones on the other side. She uses her gifts/abilities along with her spiritual tools of channeling and an open heart and open mind. Lisa explains the way in which she receives her evidential information and messages from Spirit pertaining to you and your loved ones here and on the other side. All messages are for the client’s highest good and are guided by God’s Divine love and light. Receiving validation and messages is an uplifting way to heal your heart and re-connect to your loved ones on the other side. Your loved ones are only but a thought away. 
1 hr. appointments available $150.
This service can also be offered via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom. The choice is yours.

(1 extra person +$35.) *It’s highly suggested that the extra person be from the same family. With more than one person Lisa cannot guarantee that all parties will be read.


♥ Angel Thyme Reiki Healing Session – A relaxing way to experience the subtle healing energies of the Angelic realm within your auric field. The body is gently re-balanced as a state of peace surrounds you. A hand and arm massage is included as well as a stress relieving scalp massage.

 1 hr.   $100.


♥ AromaTouch®  Technique – A wonderful way to combine overall wellness with deep relaxation. During an aroma touch session essential oils are applied to the spine, the bottoms of the feet, and the ears. In a gentle feathering motion the oils are carried up the spine and dispersed into the limbic system where these powerful plant based medicinal oils will benefit the nerves and muscles of the body. This particular technique allows the oils to be worked into the skin for complete rejuvenation of the mind, body & spirit.  Become supported in wellbeing as you simply drift away into your happy place, far from the cares of the everyday world. A gentle soothing scalp massage is included. You have to experience the AromaTouch technique to believe it! A session lasts approximately 45 mins. with a 20 min. integration time period. (Bring a light weight sweat jacket for after your session as you may get chilled.)
*Contact Lisa to learn more and to set up your next appointment.

*Ask how you can save with this particular healing modality


♥ Chrystaline Reiki Healing – A relaxing way to experience the subtle healing brought in by the remedial energy of the crystals. Everything holds energy and crystals are no exception. Lisa has amassed a generous collection of crystals she has been working with over the years. Her guides council her to use certain crystals for their specific therapeutic properties. The body is gently re-balanced as a state of peace and calm surround you. A hand and arm massage is included as well as a stress relieving dry scalp massage. 
1 hr.   $125.


♥ Distance Reiki – Reiki healing can be sent anywhere! It’s energy,  and as we know energy can be anywhere and everywhere. Lisa offers long distance remote Healing Reiki sessions for her clients as well as your furry friends. The fee for this service is a Love donation. *Suggested Love donation is $100.) On average sessions last anywhere from a 1/2 hr. to an hour, depending on the clients needs, and how Spirit directs the energies.

For this type of session Lisa goes into deep trance meditation to connect with her healing guides and the Angelic realms. Upon completion of the session Lisa sends you a text or email of the Messages from Above with Love that she perceives during this remote reiki healing session.

 *A portion of the remote distance healing donations are gifted to local charities, people & animals in need, such as The Aark Animal Rehabilitation Center and Tiny Miracles Pet Rescue & The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. Lisa has been recognized as a certified PAY-IT-Forward Angel from A Call To Connection & The Pay-It-Forward Angel Project.

♥ FDA Approved Zyto Scan & Oil Reading Consultation – This is a one to one interactive consultation about the dōTERRA brand Essential oils. Lisa works with you intuitively to find out which oils are best suited for your overall health and wellbeing. The Zyto Scan technoogy is offered and the results are provided, discussed then emailed to you.  The use of Oil Cards may also provided.

❤️ *Ongoing Special!- Sign up as a wholesale customer and receive your oils at 25% Below the retail prices. You’ll receive a FREE oil as Lisa’s gift to you & you’ll also be eligible to receive a Complimentary Monthly FDA approved Zyto Scan along with FREE online support from Lisa & her knowledgeable team as well as FREE ongoing Wellness Education & training. 

♥ Access Bars
 Healing Energy Session – A healing modality where energy is run through and around the body, focusing mainly at the clients head area. A relaxing not to be missed dry scalp massage is offered with this service. We tend to get “stuck” in our thoughts and in our minds frequently. We hold onto many limiting beliefs throughout our lives. Those beliefs halt us in our own forward movement or souls growth. This type of healing is called running the Bars. There are 32 Bar points that are held in different sequences as healing energy flows throughout the client’s body. Experiencing this particular service will induce a more restful night’s sleep with deep relaxation. It will also rid your mind of negative thought patterns that tend to produce blocked energy in and around the body which over time when not healed can manifest in the physical body as illness or dis-ease. This session is beneficial for anyone, especially those clients needing to “let go” of what no longer serves their highest good.

1 hr & 45 mins.   $300


♥ Soul-Full Spirit HeArt❤️ Energy Portraits – Lisa uses her connection with the Spiritual realms to assist her in creating one of a kind Soul-Full Spirit HeArt Energy Portraits for you or for a special loved one in your life. These beautiful energy portraits make wonderful gifts to give to others as well as a loving gift you can gift to yourself. See your Soul’s Spirit and Heart come alive on canvas. In order to create these unique pieces Lisa goes into a deep meditative state where she makes contact with her guides and they assist her in seeing your soul and your heArt’s loving energies which she is able to bring back and add into your Soul-Full Spirit HeArt one of a kind energy portrait.

***In order to have Lisa create this HeArt work for you she will need the name of the person the HeArt work is for, and their birthdate (month and day only). Please allow 6-8 weeks for completion. HeArt work can be mailed or picked up in person at Lisa’s office in Ottsville, Pa.
-HeArt work  –  $150
-HeArt work with additional 30 min. Reading of your unique piece via phone, FaceTime, Zoom or in person –   $185

♥ ♥ ♥ Give the Gift of Wellbeing, Mind, Body & Spirit. Gift Certificates Available 


***Please let Lisa know if you have any allergies to certain fragrances. dōTERRA CPTG Essential Oils are selectively chosen and blended together during certain healing sessions. Creating a customizable formula able to assist you deeply in relaxing the mind, body & spirit & realigning your body’s energy systems and bringing you to a place of complete homeostasis.